Authorize dealer for D2 Racing


We’re officially an authorize dealer for D2 Racing. Click on suspension for more information on coilovers, lowering springs and air suspension. Continue reading

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BNHF V2. Collaboration photoshoot

happy stance photo shoot-2

Break Neck hurt feelings Volume 2. t-shirts photo shoot.

Model: Jackie Garcia // Photographer: Randy Henry // Location: JETSET Hotel, Bronx, NY Continue reading




Photographer’s own words: Wekfest Long Beach 2015 was an experience for everyone, from the show cars to the audience, volunteers, models, and show hosts. The events venue was filled with 500 of the best cars from all around North America from Canada, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Oregon and Las Vegas! The event had long lines that reached all the way to half of the Queen Mary which was the longest line they have had so far! The event had many vendors such as Hoodrat Stuff, Royal Origin, Sellouts, LowerStandards, Avant Garde, The Chronicles, It’s JDM yo, Dayumm, and more! The show cars took many awards home. The models had a great time like Sara Choi, Tianna Gregory and so on.  The event was a blast and we hope to go again next year.  Continue reading




 Being a car enthusiast of all different styles I have learned to appreciate the time and originality that people put in their rides. I cannot say the same for others in the community but I promise the older you get the more you will come to understand what I am talking about. Continue reading



A true diamond in the rough; underrated, and underappreciated. It’s not easy for people to see a car for its true potential like owner William Lopez Hernandez. Many might see a Celica and consider it a lump of coal. After refinement, pressure, and of course some TLC, we are left with this jewel.

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10. We have grown up with these characters. So, to see Paul Walker going from a supra to a mini van hits home for some of us. We now have our own families and had to trade our once prize cars in for a “family friendly vehicle” to then realize a month later we can not do it and find a car that not only we can hook up, and go fast but also fit all the kiddies in it. So, to see the opening scene of him pushing the gas, gripping the wheel and feel that hint of adrenaline but get caught doing it with a mini van made us all laugh and realize damn we are getting old. Don’t say you never did it before because I know you have, even if it was in your mom’s car. This one hits too close to home for some car enthusiasts.

Top 10 Paul Walker Scene’s in the Fast and Furious Franchise From The Fans!

When I was told to write a review of Furious 7 I could not have been more stoked. The adrenaline I felt like was when I’m at the line and pressing the gas to take my car to the extreme force I know it is capable of. But I didn’t want to do a normal review on the movie. I didn’t want to write something that has been written already. Plus it didn’t help that I have written this article about 40 times already and it never feels like I do it justice. It is like writing an obituary to a family member. No matter how many times you write it, it is not expressing your true feelings because there are no words. I just kept telling myself I was waiting a few weeks to let the craziness die down before we posted it but now that we have been waiting and waiting for it to calm down in the box office and after four weeks at #1, I decided to say, “screw it”. I can’t wait any longer, this movie has grossed over $1.32 billion; making it the 5th grossing movie of all time. And it is not that far behind number 4 either. Continue reading