El Chico

2012 candy teal rpf1 45

You dont see to many of these running around on the streets. this guy has been building cars since he was just 15 years old. Always enjoyed doing builds that people dont really see on the daily basis, always had the urge to be different. At first he bought the CRZ has a daily driver especially knowing that its good on gas. Oh boy, but like every other modifier out there once he saw what he can do to it. Well oh hell broke loose & the resistence went out the window.2012 candy teal rpf1 50

Just in the 9 months that he has owned the CRZ, he has already modified to become a show car. This was the year where he wanted to have the stance look. But next year, ohh boy boy, he has a whole other look coming. Lets just say, stay tuned. Already having a pack a goodies: such as; Volk Mag CE28N’s, Spoon brake kit, Bride seats, Spoon motor rib and some more disclosed goodies. Most definitely gonna be impact in the EastCoast.2012 candy teal rpf1 66

For future plans the minute that the warranty runs out this CRZ’s heart is going to get a transplant with a k20 motor completing it with a supercharger.

2012 Honda Day 5

Exterior: 5% Window Tint | Debaged PlastiDip Rear Diffuser | Black Red Honda JDM Emblems |  Red Tinted Tail Lights | Rear Wiper Delete | Yellow Fog Lights
Interior Blue LED Interior Lights | Rear “Seat” Delete | Weathertech Rubber Floor Mats
Performance and Underhood: 5zigen Super Lap Axleback Exhaust | Black Label Fab CAI |  Buddy Club Short Shifter | Downstar Fender Washer Kit | Honda Fit Intake Manifold | Hks Kansai CF Radiator Shroud | Mugen Oil Cap | Mugen Radiator Cap | T1R B Pipe.

Suspension and Handling | BasisSportTuning RSB Ground Control Coilover Sleeves |
Wheels, Tires and Braking | Enkei Rpf1’s Powdercoated Candy Teal Front 17×8 +35 Rear 17×9 +22 | Falken Ze912 205/40/17 | Muteki Black Lug Nuts

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