El Guasón // Plain&Simple Creation

Genuially in the islands, especially Puerto Rico the dominance in the import theme would be the the toyota’s, thee rx7’s or even the civics that you traditionally see. Now things have change over the years, an upcoming or i would say an epidemic that rise  from the shadows of the import kings. Has come out the Mazda protege’s, and i might say they are making an impact. And thats what exactly Mr. Omar Ruiz has venture too. 

Knowing that he’s going to be a father of a little boy, decided not to go crazy on the cambered out look. But to keep it clean, looking just right. Not all the time is good to be all aggressive but to have indeed comfort.

The future plans on his mind is to get some Ksport coilovers to lower it just a bit more. And pair of Mazda Protege5 side skirts and a Mazda 323Familia rear Lip.

Plain & Simple Protege | 2000 Mazda Protege

Exterior:  Sport20 Familia front bumper | head lights | Jdm rear bumper | Edm tail lamps | Rear fog light | Power Folding Side mirrors | Jdm side markers

Interior: Edm Cluster Kilometers | Edm Owners Manual | Jdm Sun Visors | Broadway Convex rear mirror

Engine & Performance: J-Spec 2.0 FS-ZE engine

Suspension & Wheels Setup:  Progress suspension |  XXR 530 17×8 25mm offset rims | 205/40 tires.

Location: Yauco, Puerto Rico

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