Wagon Lifestyle // JunBun’s Orthia wagon

Individuals who are of fanatics of the JDM theme, are usually going crazy for the oem and aftermarket parts that they can get their hands on. Especially when a part is not made or regulated on location in where they are at, such like the west: as we call the states. We have seen the reformation of conversions of the ek9, ek4, vir-s or even the sir. But is more unique when you reform the Honda Orthia.

You must be thinking, what is the Honda Orthia Wagon?: Is the station wagon based of the sixth-generation honda civic, what we call the ek version. The japanese domestic market (JDM) decided to be just sold exclusively in Japan to honda primo dealerships. But this aint just an ordinary station wagon, they came out b-series, with a 2wd or 4wd option. And like their family members like the civic hatch, or the 2 door even the 4 door they can be tricked out with all the goodies.

The owner Junbun, definitely know what he’s into, being in school for engineering has it shares of putting his mind into reforming a vehicle. Especially when he doesnt ride alone, his car club: Fore Effect Squad that was introduced by the second of USDM FEAX. Definitely decided to keep it clean but classy, not going with the ricer look or even interchanging from the actual JDM to an USDM set-up. Coming from Osaka, Japan they are very ambitous of what us from the west reform as us from the west look foward on what the far east is doing next.

For future plans: it will be in the engine bay with Blox power intake manifold & Blox adjustable fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail.

Owner: Junbun | 2000 Honda Orthia Wagon | Osaka, Japan

Engine & Performance: Buddy club racing spec damper | 4 effect customz for DC | Blue angel racing One off muffler | ARC inake chamber for EK

Suspension & Reinforcement: Tanabe Sustec front tower bar | Hyakushiki front & rear upper arms | RS-R rear tower bar | Swift coilovers | Nagisa auto Gaxtuthiri support | Hyakushiki reinforcement bush |5 lug conversion | Rear disc | hub | rotors | Calipers from a EK9

Tires & Wheels: 17′ Tanabe Precedo PCD 5X114.3 X 17 | Front: 8.5j x +35 | Rear: 9j +45| Tires: 194/40/17

Interior: Bride brix seats | OMP Corsica 330 steering wheel

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