Perfected Standards // Ryan’s Pearl white STI

To some who are in the automotive culture we try to be unique in our very own way, to perfect with what we have but to also enjoy it. thats exactly what Ryan wanted to do with his STI, didnt want to be kept garaged princess but to make sure to occupy the AWD when it rained and snowed.

Ryan’s says in all honesty building cars is just a hobby, and “one that costs more than it should”. But when you decide to show off to the public what you can do, all costs go right thru the window. It being actually his third Subaru he decided to bring it all together and reform it. it Just being all black & factory like alot of us gearheads like it, it was bout that time. But it wasnt all that easy at first, because the Subaru was not the car he wanted it. Actually wanted a Lexus IS350, but the Subaru was a much a better deal. This when the color changing came about, oh yea ‘Pearl White.

                 “when you pursuit, you will persuade perfection”

Dont let the outside glossiness fool you, its very equipped in the engine bay. With cooling down turbo, upgrading the block with Mahle forged pistons and fueling up the injectors to 850cc and so much more. And as his future plans is in the wheel set-up wanted to go with 18×10 Work Emotion XD9 wheels.

Owner: Ryan Lugo | Subaru STI | Pacific – NorthWest

Exterior: Lexus pearl white paint | Ings n-spec front bumper | BC coilovers | Xxr 502 18×9.5″ actual 2 piece rim |Perrin radiator shroud  | Perrin belt cover | VIS carbon fiber hood | Seibon carbon fiber trunk | Carbon fiber Roof vinyl | 05 tail lights

Performance: Perrin fmic | Perrin intake | Perrin downpipe | 3″ exhaust | EJ257 block | Mahle forged pistons | D25 heads | Blouch Dom 3 xtr | 850cc injectors | Act clutch

Interior: Purple suede headliner and pillars | Black 05 wrx seats and carpet | AEM wideband | AEM digital boost | AEM digital oil pressure | Carbon fiber gauge pod replace clock | Alpine double din DVD/nav/cd

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