Puerto Rico aint playin’ // Hiram’s inspired EK9

We intrigate what motivates us, to inspire on thee look that you want for your ride. To perfect that, best believe you is going to spend money, regardless if you’re a Jdm freak, or love the bagged out Vip style look. The thing  is you have to understand we all love perfection, is the name of the game you cant help it on wanted to be the best. I remember years ago when it was just music, some nice shiny rims and oh’ boy you was the man. Now it aint going to cut it, its a whole different ball game.

As we all know the Honda’s are very much a big favorite and a big talk when it comes to modifications, JDM and now the Stance movement. Civic’s especially above all is no exception. We always have that vision when we get our toys (rides) that you are your own person and going to be different from everybody. Well thats what Hiram wanted to do, to Breaknecks as he at a red light or even at a drive-thru but also to enjoy it.  But most of all to make sure his inspired project highlights his results.

Quick video shoot of Hiram Ramos inspired EK9. Thanks to our freinds in Puerto Rico TeamProject9.

One thing that he was encouraged by is not to beat on it, to take care of it. You ever heard that quote that many artistic artists always say that “their work of art, is their expression of who they are”, this exactly what Hiram’s expresses with his ride.

Owner: Hiram Ramos | Inspired EK9 | Puerto Rico

Exterior: Black housing headlights | type R grill | Type R rear lip | type R front lip | Spoon mirrors | Type R wing | Hids

Engine & Performance: Headers | AEM fuel rail | AEM sprockers | Tucked engine bay | fresh painted blue engine bay | D16 Vtec

Tires & wheels: 16X9 +15 ESM 002 wheels | 195/45 tires

Thanks to FiebreSpot & Walter Rodriguez from TeamProject9.

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