Big things X Small Packages // Syota’s L700 Mira

You must be thinking the samething i was saying when i first saw this ride, “what is that”?. Its a Mira L700, made by Daihatsu, its also also known as the Cuore, Domino, and more recently Charade. Its categorized in the Kei-car category formally meaning a city car. Its very different from what alot of us see, but i might say its looks very nice when you put it all together. When we see a JDM car we aspect the obvious, but to see a true domestic from Japan that we dont see regularly opens the horizons. Makes you think what you can do with what you have. In the right mind i think being inspired and persuasive about what you can do, makes anything possible to up & rise from nothing.

Best believe it was not easy to make it look like this, just look at the rear, not too much flare on the quarter panels or the combo lighting with headlights being ambered out and and the L.E.D. lighting on the front bumper. The drop on the L700 was no joke it had to be modified multiple times to reach its potential, and from looking at it now it sure given others a run for their money.

When we come from different aspects of the world, we have our own creative ways in our unique cultures. To show in the L700 is definitely a way to show it, especially when it blossoms in other locations & cultures that magnitudes into a big thang. Question your self: Does big things really come in small packages? > my answer: yes.

Syota Higaki | Osaka, Japan | 1998 Daihatsu L700 Mira

syouta original bumper basis [AKR full AERO]
Day lights
gunmetal paint of GT-R on grill, A-line and Rear Diffuser
Full LED modified


recaro SR-3 from Lancer evolution 3 Move meter.


Suspension & Reinforcement:
Super Ultra MAX
syakotyou made Leon Ride height
Inner full rising through the ranks
Full frame cutt to avoid a drive shaft and a tie rod
front camber 2° rear camber 7° ahiru-syoukai [independent rear axle] As for It a camber, a toe corner

Tires & Wheels:
165/45-15 TE37 cup
front 7J OFF+25
rear 7J OFF+17

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