Flossing Just Right // Mitchell’s 08 Xb

We are always intriqued with whats next, the new trend, or even what the next guy is doing. Peoples might say well you guys look all the same, thats not always true. Most of us bring different tastes to the table, some have the oppurtunities to have their own shops or just one guy that has that creative mind to create a work of art. But when the Xb came out i even said “what the hell can you do with that”, now a couple years later they are all over the place xtreme modified to just clean & simple.

If a person can modified their ride to the xtreme with having no troubles of being a daily driver, or just constant worry of the wrecklessness of others that its a definitely a great thing. But unfortunately not all can do that, some its the financial status or just plain dont want to bury 20k on a ride thats not even driven. We all have intensions on having a nice car but when we buy it or say its going to be just a daily driver, all of sudden you’re online purchasing air ride suspension or even wheels for the most part. So why not do what Mitchell did with his XB, “Floss it just right”.

Definitely being creative with the custom fish tank holding up the air tank & compressor.

The mix of the Xb sitting low on air,  tucking the 18″ Weds Kranze Lxz wheels and the L.E.D modification to the side floors with V.I.P puddle lights definitely flossing just right.

There’s definitely promising future plans for the Xb: Giving new Air ride set-up and changing up the interior.

Mitchell Rosenboom | Gallatin, Tn | 2008 Scion Xb

Wheels & tires: 18″ Weds Kranze Lxz | fronts are 18×9+25 | Rears are 18×10+26 | Front tires Nankang 215/35/18 | Rear tires Nankang 235/40/18

Suspension: Full custom airride set installed by owner | Fronts are custom struts with Randode Top hats and UAS bags | Rear is Airlift setup

Interior: Custom fish tank that holds the air tank and compressor

Exterior: LedMod V.i.P Puddle lights

One thought on “Flossing Just Right // Mitchell’s 08 Xb

  1. Patrick Keefe says:

    The best looking xb I’ve seen online! Great job. I happen to live in Hendersonville, twenty minutes from this xb’s owner. It’s actually probable I will see this clean ride in person. -Patrick Keefe


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