Low & Wide // Erick’s 350z

There’s always a good thing when your not living in a 4 season thru the year area, you can always stay fresh in a full season of warm weather like Florida. I can imaging riding around swarmed by a beautiful sun beaming on the body of Erick’s 350Z. Just looking at the body lines with the set of fresh wheels sitting right, yes it is a definitely neck breaker.

Erick has been into cars since a very young age running around from street race spots to street race spots with his older cousins and uncles. His father bought his first car at the age of 14 or 15 and by the age of 16 he was causing mischief. Getting tickets left and right and being a real led foot. His first car was an 88 Nissan Pulsar NX and ever since then he was hooked on Nissan’s (Owning 14+ of them in the past).

A few years went by where he didn’t have a car at all because of financial issues and when he decided to get back in the game he was sorted of becoming a changed man. He realized that speed wasn’t what he really wanted anymore. Don’t get it wrong he gets on it every once in a while but this time around he decided to lower the car on the ground and instead of molesting his poor vehicle. Not to mention with an 8 year old daughter, a son on the way and a loving girlfriend of 10 years it was time for him to slow down.

Cars are his number one passion right after his family and he looks forward to going to meets and events well into his old age. He can’t quit till he gets a GTR ;), you cant go wrong with that.

Future plans is to get a more baller set of wheels, a nice sound system, possibly some forced induction for a little more pep in the step and some engine tucking and bling courtesy of Wireworx.

Owner: Erick Garcia | Orlando, FL | 2005 Nissan 350Z

Full modification list:

Exterior: Black Housing Headlights w/4300k HID’s TypeRS Front polyurethane lip Veilside Type 1 Polyurethane Side Skirt add-ons (rears only) Re-Amemiya custom fabricated rear fiberglass diffuser Black vinyl wrapped roof Black fiberglass roof spoiler Stubby Aluminum antenna

Engine & Exhaust: Nismo Cold air intake Custom resonator back blast pipes

Interior: Red vinyl w/Red stitching reupholstered OEM seats NRG Black Suede w/Red stitching wheel

NRG NeoChrome V2.8 quick release NRG Short Steering Wheel Hub Blox Delrin White Shift Knob Blox 3″ Shifter extender Blox Black Suede shift boot w/Red stitching Power Acoustic 7″ Head unit Broadway Mirror

Suspension: TDMimports 3rd generation 28 way adjustable coilovers Whiteline Front lower control arm bushings Godspeed rear camber arms

Wheels & Tires: Varrstoen ES 5.5.2 19×10.5 +22 wrapped in 235/35′s Achilles

6 thoughts on “Low & Wide // Erick’s 350z

  1. Charles Johnson says:


    I have a 2005 350Z that I’d love to get done like yours.

    can you give me a ballpark pricetag?


  2. Charles Johnson says:


    what are we talking about to get these mods done?

    I have a 2005 350Z that I’d love to get done like yours.


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