Man’s Best Freind // Adhen’s 2005 Es2 Civic

We always have our own ways of feeling towards our own rides, i believe when your ride takes care of you and you take care of it. Its just like a dog, with the loyalty and get to knowing each other it will eventually be your best freind.

Adhen has his ride for a couple of years and has many transformations from V.I.P to just giving a super clean look to it these days. He takes everywhere he go from doing groceries with his mother to just hanging out with his girlfreind.

His future plans on the Es2 is changing the heart to a K-swap.

Owner: Adhen | Indonesia | 2005 Honda civic Es2

Modification List:

Enkei RPF1 18 9.5-10
OEM grill RS
OEM rear side marker stanley
OEM Front lip Honda civic EK
EGR rear window visor

Nardi deep corn steering wheel
Recaro SR3 oem integra
OEM cruise control switch
Pioneer seri 5

KnN replacement air filter
Samco radiator hose
Spoon reservoir cover
Header Kansai
Down pipe Kansai
ultra racing front upper strutbar


4 thoughts on “Man’s Best Freind // Adhen’s 2005 Es2 Civic

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