Simply Low // Tom’s 2004 Avant A6

Is extradionary how the stance fitment culture has sprung out worldwide. Alot of people have that negative attitude about the stance fitment lifestyle, they dont understand its been around for many years. It has come around from the underground culture of Japan, to the Lowridin’ of the 80’s & 90’s to the hellaflush movement. Its a major process in about 10 years we will see it blow up all over the world like a disease.

The stance lifestyle its a big hit in the european culture, of course you can imagine 5 audi’s rolling back to back stance out right by you, i know my jaw will drop. Its definitely a pleasure that ive done features lately coming from the european section of the world, its incredible whats going on over there.

There’s a big misunderstanding that we all like the aggressiveness but its not all true. Alot of guys like Tom just like the clean fitment where its just simply low to a rides perfection.

This clean daily cruiser has such a epic feeling on the road. It’s lowered to just fit perfectly and the ride is awsome.

Definitely major plans in the future from a equipped air ride suspension & full leather interior.

Owner: Tom Kelemen | Belgium | 2004 Audi Avant A6

full modification list:
BBS rims
Smoked head and taillights
Black front grill and emblems
Coil overs
Full LED lights in and outside
Cambered wheels

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