Rafa’s Em1 On The SpotLight

We decided to put Rafa’s Em1 on the spot light due to the freshness of the car. It has such a perfection when you see it, what ive been seeing for these past couple years is the introduction of JDM meets STANCE. I personally love it, especially being in the JDM culture for over 10 years. Just seeing how its converting little by little to the stance fitment culture, its getting to a point that its not a trend, but more of a way of life.

Rafa’s owned the car for a lil over a year now, he decided to trade his 05 srt 4 for a stock 2000 civic si. As you can see like many others the transformation went from there. Cant wait to see it in the future i hope he keeps it and keep the em1 alive and put in the work on his future plans. He definitely doesnt want to go crazy for the future but change it up a bit with a Keys racing steering wheel, status racing seats & ground control Koni yellows with top hats.


5 thoughts on “Rafa’s Em1 On The SpotLight

  1. Viktoria says:

    January 21, 2010 at 10:57 pmJust as a note. It’s a typical cioevrsonn for JDM lamps but what Flauski has done is linked the two lamps. In standard form the JDM lamps work exactly the same as the Export lamps do.Park lamps illuminate the outer circle and brakes, the inner. Though obviously on Export the Inner is the Dot and on Domestic the Inner is the Circle.The Japanese lamps I got for my C110 had already been modified to work In the all lit up then brighter (2nd filament) for brakes.Far greater look to the rear end, IMO. Reply


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