The uK Reppin’ // Hannah’s Corsa

When we first saw this Corsa we thought it was the model Yaris of Toyota. We notice that we were browsing on a Uk blog, we at H:S when we see a ride thats fresh & unique we go for it. So we decided to start looking for the owner and sooner or later we got an email from the owner. Starting chatting and to find out it was the Corsa that is based model from the European market. So the question was asked can we do a feature on it and the owner said, i would love to do it. And then the process begun from there:

Sometimes we like to keep it in the express words of the owner: (owner’s words)

I bought my Corsa around July 2012 completely standard and looking just like every other Corsa on the road! I knew exactly what I wanted to do from the start it was literally a big waiting game, obviously I couldn’t keep it completely standard so I modified it lightly with some coilovers, pressed plates and wind deflectors while I saved up for the big things. April/March 2013 I finally got the ball rolling and set my self a deadline for the first multi-car show of the season. Brought the wheels, brought the management kit and took the car to get all the body work done. It was literally one thing after another, as soon as the wheels came we took the cars to get the air ride fitted and because the wheels took so long to come had to get them painted elsewhere (was an absolute nightmare squashing everything in).

All of the work in a month, really cut it fine for time! The day before the first show of the season we got the cars back, and was so happy with the difference. Although I still had tweaks to make we’ve made a start on them now, since having her back we have added a bit more camber to make the car sit a lot better on the back and also added gold bolts to the wheels which sets them off nicely.

I have the exterior of the car exactly as I pictured it, I took a chance with the wheels because they didn’t make them to fit specifically but this has definitely paid off. I haven’t made a start on the inside yet, but that is all yet to come… if I get the standard of finish I have on the outside on the inside the car will be a cracker and I will be a very very happy girl. The best thing about all of this is that me and my boyfriend have been fortunate to do all of it together, he has made the same level of progress on his Astra VXR. I love my car, I love cars and I’m dead happy with my end result.


Smooth front bumper (Plate recess & front mouldings removed)
Smooth rear bumper (Rear mouldings removed)
Smooth tailgate (handle removed)
Smooth petrol cap
Colour coded wing mirrors
Colour coded front grill & badge
Pressed plates
Yellow fogs
HEKO wind deflectors
VXR indicator surrounds
SRi styling kit

Wheels & Tires:

Schmidt Modern Lines 3pc with white centres and gold bolts
(Staggered, 8J + 9J)
Faulken stretched tyres


Airlift V2 Autopilot 4 way air suspension kit


Pioneer App Radio

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