Changing the Game // Anthony’s Nissan Cube

When you admire cars, you always think that when you get your own car that your going to be different from others. To some its true, but to others they dont realize they keep doing the same thing all over again. An example, you buy a common car im not saying its a bad thing but what exactly your doing, changing up the color scheme, wheels, etc.

Now if you really want to change it up and Be different, try something new that others dont even realize. The Nissan Cube we thought was part of the army or something, but when we saw the first Nissan Cube featured by a Cube coming from Puerto Rico. The omg phrase was the only thing that was coming out of our mouth. Now this time around, this be the second time we see the Nissan Cube all done up, and we like it alot.

Definitely this one of the unique features we’ve done because they’re are not many of these. And to show Anthony’s creativeness with wheel fitment, the cleaniness of the body and not going extreme is definitely a work of art. We definitely see the passion that he has for his ride and we know there is going to be many more specs for the future. No hesistation on working on more paint for the body, powder coating wheels and doing cross stitch covers.

When the Nissan Cube first came out in 08′, Anthony said to himself that he had to had one so couple years later on 2012 he decided to buy the Nissan Cube as a birthday gift to himself. We might say, that aint a bad birthday present.

With out even seeing the car or test it he signed the papers. before he even decide to get it he already knew was the transformation was going to be like. Not even 2 weeks after he got the car he already had the coilvers in place. After a while being stuck with certain wheels In Febuary he then ordered the oem Nissan aerodynamic front chin spoiler and side sills, not going with the rear lip he went with therear Korm bumper. After all that, thats when he got his 18×9.5 12 offset square model g6 wheels. to fit them he had to install re-camber shims and pull the fenders.

Modification List::

D2 rs coil overs
forjworks 5 degree camber shims
square model g6 wheels 18×9.5 +12 offset
oem Nissan areodynamics front chin spoiler and side sills with cube krom rear bumper
blastpipe style exhaust



5 thoughts on “Changing the Game // Anthony’s Nissan Cube

  1. Jorge says:

    Awesome I really like these wheels I been looking for wheels for my 2010 nissan cube and my question is do the front wheels are the same especs as the rear ones do he has inside rubber problem when it’s turn the front wheels


  2. Anthony says:

    It’s all 9.5 +12 offset all around I don’t rub the inside just the fenders because of how low I am but I had to run an agressive amount of camber In the rear not to much in the front


  3. Jorge says:

    Thanks for replay back Anthony – Also witch size of tire are you use and for the camber in the back didi you use the -3 or -5 shims and how you pull the fenders and for the front wheels did you do camber too?


  4. Wayne Barnes says:

    I have an 11 Nissan cube love the wheels you have I waz wondering if I use the sport line springs from eiboch would the wheel work for me and what siZe tire are you running thanks a fellow cuber


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