Midwest in Session // Derick’s 05′ s2000

It tooks about 2-4 months to finalize this feature on Derick’s s2000, but finally we are here. The looks of the s2000 before was slighty different, but now we love how it looks now more than ever. The body drop, the right fitment of the wheels, giving the contrast of the white and the red makes it a sheer beauty.

Derick growing up got hooked in the car culture by his older brother. His older brother was more into speed, Derick was more into looks. At first he did not know exactly how he got into the slammed // lowered lifestyle but he sure loved seeing a flushed car on the ground. Like many others out there, he thought that it was easy to just slam the car on the ground but is not. Its take sweat, tears and a whole lot of headaches to get the right indeed fitment.

He first started out with a 94 Civic Hatchback it was actually almost done until got he got an a accident by a young driver texting. He was sad for the fact all the work it was done to it was just vanished, but that didnt bring him down. Thats when he picked up the 05 S2000 and started to build it from scratch.

Knowing exactly what he wanted the transformation was good to go, and just after a year and a half hes has the S2000 exactly how he wants it. Hes pretty happy how it sits, but in the near future he would like to try out a different style of fitment, new wheels and suspension.

Derick’s own words: “Low is really a life style and I have met a lot of great people through the car scene.”

Modification List:

Work vs-kf wheels
Buddy club n+
Oem front ap2 lip
Oem truck spoiler
Low pro aero side splitters
Hasport rear diff mounts
Hard race drive shaft spacers
Invidia q300


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