Eric’s 08′ Accord on the SpotLight

Once in a while, we occasionally pick one of them fresh rides out there that linger on the web and we hunt down the owner to show off their ride. We decided Eric’s accord this time around because it was clean. A ride that you can take to a meet, a show but also be daily driven. Just the whole ride its all well connected, the drop, the body making the wheels pop out, and of course the fitment on the wheels is just darn right.

Full summary about the owner & ride:: Names Eric Pasith, 21 years of age. ethnicity is lao, grew up in Woonsocket Rhode Island. Moved to Kentucky, more likely Cincinnati Ohio lol.   Work full time at an steering assembly plant for ford, and have an associates for computer science. I drive an 08 Honda accord sedan k24z3 5 speed.

Future Plans:: Mugen front lip, takeda short ram intake, matte black paint job, custom interior.

Modification List:

Black Crown Royal shift boot
JDM random number front license plate
5% tint all around
Megan EZ street coilovers
Megan Racing custom dual exhaust kit.
Mugen grill
Mugen side skirts and rear lip
JDM  honda inspire trunk garnishes
•OEM spoiler
Roof spoiler
Oem foglights
Concept One RS-22 20×8.5 +18, 20×10 +25
Location:: Cincinnati, Ohio

4 thoughts on “Eric’s 08′ Accord on the SpotLight

  1. Safiyenur says:

    Its ugly as sin! The last model really took accrod name to the forefront of main stream buyers. This just looks fat, old and designed for the Americans! No offence.


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