Definition of JDM // Frankie’s RHD Type R

Where do I start. Everybody who knows me, knows i always been a JDM freak & builder for many years. The perspective of putting aftermarket parts on a U.S vehicle is not a bargain to be honest it gets very expensive, you be suprise. Even if you buy a vehicle outside the states its a healthy cost, some might say why not just buy a regular car for the same price. Its not that easy to say, its all in the passion a person has. You might as what is JDM? means the Japanese domestic market is a term for Japan’s economic market for Japanese-brand goods, such as automobiles and parts.

Some might say well you just put all that money and it looks like a stock car, the answer is no. To those who dont know much of the culture to the JDM enthusiast its a work of art, its the passion that they have for what it is. People dont realize that when your not from the Far East you would want what they have is the same way over there. That goes with life itself look at the RHD vs. LHD vehicles, some just want to be different.

(Words by Frankie Rodriguez):

Ok so ever since I got into cars at about 15 years old. a family member used to be a finance manager for a honda dealer and I thought Hondas were cool nice cars but I never actually new about japan models once i went out to my first car meet with a friend I actually saw Hondas. And the whole Jdm look i started to learn about the life style n then I saw online a real Jdm civic type r ever since I layed eyes on the car it was my dream car and I mean legit my dream car like I’d look right past a lambo if a type r was next to it. And since I got my license I’ve had a fair share of hondas and started moving on up. As of early of 2012 I owned a 2004 Wrx wagon and a eg6 civic with a turboed b18 motor in it as my track or “Sunday kind of car”.

(Words by Frankie Rodriguez):

One day my cousin who owns a right hand drive r32 skyline gave me a call and told me they were shipping a civic type r over to the states he asked if I wanted the car because the original buyer flaked on the deal. Within minutes of me hearing that my Wrx was on Craigslist eBay ect. Trying to get the money for my dream car. The car sold fairly quick and i was guaranteed going to be the owner of the civic. It all kind of worked out perfectly because before I owned the civic I had a plane ticket for my nieces 15th birthday and while I was down there I could pick up the car so I asked a friend if I payed for his ticket to Florida and a little vacation just to go down to stay for a week and take the drive back with me. He agreed and after the week was done we set back to nj with the car.

You cant describe in words how fresh this Type R is, not even in photos. Definitely Frankie gets two thumbs up with this one. Spectacular in every way from the body to the interior. From a jdm fanatic to another i hope he keeps it for a long time, not many can say they have or had an actual legit RHD type R ek civic hatch.

Modification List:

Tein flex coilovers
volk ce28s 16×8.5
spoon radiator hoses
Spoon oil cap
Spoon radiator cap
Spoon resivor bands
takatas mph series black seatbelts xs2
sparco harness bar powder coated white
Spoon break calipers
Hawk hps pads
Brembo rotor front and back
Function 7 control arms
Function 7 sway links
Skunk 2 front camber kit
Password Jdm rear camber kit
Pioneer head unit
Rockford fosgate power 6 1/2 in the door
Rockford fosgate power 6×9 in the rear
Rockford fosgate power 12 inch sub
Rockford power amp 1200 watts
Viper alarm smart start
Kumho tires 205/40 r16 tires
Good ridge steel braided brake lines

Thanks to the Photographer Jeffrey Liu: see more of him at

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