Ethics in & out // Daniel’s 04 Accord

Many of you who are in the North east area of the states, particually the NyC area know the owner “Striking Accord”. But not many know that hes been a big contributor of the H|S movement. I Had to put him on the spotlight due to his work ethics not only networking, but in real life.  A guy that can show up to a meet at any time, be up thru the night helping put up pictures on Happy Stance. But also go to work and go to graduate school as well. I salute too that, aint to many people can do that.

His ethics is on point, so is his ride. Riding around in a layed out 2004 Accord coupe with the compliments of a custom air ride suspension. Laying the frame is custom air struts, a 3 gallon tank and 2 air compressors. and completed the coupe is the 17×9 +30 MB Battle wheels that keeps the simplicity a great look to it.

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