Stay Baggin’ // Kenaii’s 2013 Passat

Its a priviledge to always waking up to my desktop and seeing the rides that i get to feature. Lately we been expanding out the states to see whats out there and its definitely a great view of what we see at H|S. It shows that the lifestyle is worldwide and all it takes is a push of button and networking to broad out with other photographers out there.

Many of us love seeing slammed / flushed/ bagged / staticed out rides, but in some places they have serious restrictions when it comes to that. You even have the public as well who do not like or intent of liking the lifestyle. But like a wiseman one said when you have a passion for something, go for it. This is an issue that enthusiast like the owner has in his homeland of Belgium. At times is always a good thing that he can rely on his air ride suspension to comprise the level of height restrictions.

He wanted this car because he has never seen the 2013 model lowered on the road or on the internet. He’s the owner of the only lowered Passat 2013 in his area. Hes chosen the Tiguan R wheels because he want to keep the oem look to it. Decided air above static cause he wanted some luxury.

(Owner’s own words:)

Some people think it’s stupid to lower my car, that it’s ugly what ive done to it. but it’s original, i love my car and thats how i show it. It is really epic to drive around town and people always turn there heads and keep looking at it.


Regardless the sleek look that the 2013 passat has the owner its in the process already for future plans with a new clean front end, 8 valve air ride suspension, a custom turbo kit and intercooler.

Modification List:

rras custom airride
19” VW Tiguan R rims
full window tint limo black
yellow fogg’s
custom sml headlights
dvx performance custom remap: 1.6 TDI 105hp/250nm // 143.2hp/303nm

2 thoughts on “Stay Baggin’ // Kenaii’s 2013 Passat

  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice car but it´s not the first lowered passat on the road. I had seen a static lowered german passat variant in 2012 in germany and austria.


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