Loving the Game // Wilder’s Rhd Sir

Finally. After going back &  forth trying to finalize everything for this feature, we are finally in the making. It took us a while to hunt the owner down and the day we got to him, we knew we had to have on board. Being such JDM freaks, we was amazed how clean the conditions were that we fell in love with it. It takes the right owner to to keep up with one of these, especially how bad a honda especially a civic takes on so much rust and the obvious negativeness thats comes with it.

The rides comes with all the specs: from being a legit RHD, the recaros that you sit in to the motor that gives the full force to be reckon with. Its no joke that would be a dream come true to have a legit RHD civic Sir to many young kids that are growing up that have the same love in the culture. Thats the passion that Wilder has to own it for the long run, a ride that he enjoys building and rides on the daily basis not something that keeps in a garage and only enjoys on the weekends.

Its crazy how Wilder started out. This will specify everything. (owner’s own words)

Well growing up I used to hate Hondas. Because where I’m from there are alot of crappy looking ones. When I was 17 I started to hang out with people that drove some decent ones. Just simple and clean. They started to grow on me some. Still wasn’t a fan. And then one day messing around on Honda-tech I stumbled across SiR Mikey’s Laguna seca blue eg6 build and fell in love with it. From that day I was hooked. I picked up a conversion rhd got home and ripped the motor. And it sat for two years while I saved up money. Was looking for yellow interior and came across a legit yellow eg6 with the yellow tweed I was looking for along with yellow Recaros.

The post was over I year old. But luckily the guy still had the car. A month later I picked it up. Brought it home. It had 5 lug conversion on it. Put on jack stand and re did everything suspension wise. Put 4 lug back on it since I had the wrd Chevlons wheels already and wanted them to go on. Ended up putting a motor in my conversion car that I had. Sold it the very next morning for 7k. Turned around and put all that into the sir. When I went to get the car I had full intentions on painting it Laguna seca blue. But the yellow grew on me fast. Couldn’t bring myself to paint it. But I just finished building my b18c5 and have been waiting on kraftwerks sc kit. It just release so that will be coming soon! I love my car. It’s gonna be a car I never sell I enjoy it way to much.

My names Scott wilder bowers. I go by wilder. I’m 21 years old. Building my car is a passion to me. Some people build for fame or to be extremely fast for bragging right. I just love making my car clean and stand out. My friends tell me I’m crazy for the money I send on some parts. But hey it makes me happy and looks good to me. I am currently the sc/nc chapter leader for team Nvus. Never been big in car group until around December of last year jimmy Gomez (nvus president) and began to talk about me starting my own chapter out here. I told him I would love to. It’s really a great group and enjoy have such a close car family even tho were are spread out all over the world.

We at H|S knew we made the right the call to get in contact with Wilder. It was a journey on putting everything together, but it was so much fun and a pleasure on doing this article. Want to thank the photographer for the nice shots as well as to Wilder and his passion not only for the love of the game but for his ride itself. And we hope he keeps it for the long haul and who knows there can always be a part 2 of the Sir.

Modification List:

Ferrea 5000 series valves
bronze valve guides
oem valve seals
itr valve springs retainers
performance valve job
hot tank and resurface
combstion chambers cleaned up
valves were also back cut
Aem fuel rail
Skunk2 cam gears
Golden eagle hd sleeves
84mm bore
84 mm JE pistons
Eagle rods
Moroso oil pan
Arp head studs
All new oem pumps (oil, water, etc)
Db8 tranny
Other stuff:
Gates timing belt
Oem yellow tweed interior
Yellow Recaros
Kevlar bys front lip and spoiler
Function 7 lca’s and brace
10k hids
Nrg short hub
Nrg quick release
Personal yellow stitch steering wheel
Kevlar sp cover
Spoon radiator hoses
Spoon spark plug wires
Spoon shift knob
Custom push button ignition.
Cusco strut bar
tein coil overs
Wrd chevlon wheels
Itr yellow stitch shift boot

3 thoughts on “Loving the Game // Wilder’s Rhd Sir

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t let him take all the credit. Hasn’t put much if any sweat into the car yet.
    The platform was built.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The person that built the car, built it in 2008 but had to sell it because he had a son and was changing jobs. He should get most of the credit because


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