Simplicity // Sam’s Vauxhall Astra VXR

Once again we are crossing the waters of the altantic ocean and heading into Europe. In a town near Bath, United kingdom to be more specific. If you go back a couple articles and notice photographers names you realized that we are working with Sam once again. Last time was a article with his girlfreind’s ride and this time around we decide to feature the photographer himself and the clean VXR that he owns.

Yes you are noticing that the VXR is not a vehicle that you commonly see in the states but its very well known in the European section of the world. The car is a Vauxhall Astra VXR (Equivalent to the European Opel OPC), having 2 litre turbo under the bonnet pushing 240BHP standard the car is the best model in the range. The car came immaculate, beautiful Recaro half leathers and optional extra’s like keyless entry/push start ignition and this was just the start.

(Owner’s own words:)

I have always been interested in the car scene and attend as many shows as I can around the UK, this car is my third car and the one I have taken the furthest. I planned in my head exactly what I wanted for the car, and just waited for the right opportunity to do it and fortunately got the ball rolling a couple of months ago (March2013) and now it is a completely different car. I have made subtle and simple changes that have made an immense change. I have had a Airlift V2 Autopilot Four Way Air Suspension fitted, it was needed to be able to achieve the ultimate lows with keeping the car practical because I use it as a daily.

The wheels were important. He decided to go for the simple 3SDM’s 0.05 while he decides on what wheels he was going to purchase later on. These have turned out to be a real hit and nice bounce of perfection to the arden blue color and the way it transformed the look of the car. These wheels aren’t recommended for the car so he took a gamble with the fitment. He bought 8.5J fronts with 9.5J rears and they sit absolutely perfectly, tucked at the front with a nice amount of poke at the rear. Just how he wanted them to be.

Sam is definitely in the right mind when it comes to focusing on the future of the VXR. As he tells it himself, and i quote:

“I can take the VXR a lot further and have many plans in mind, I definitely am thinking about a new set of wheels but they need to be the right ones even though these have proved a good choice. As the engine is standard at the moment the car has a lot of potential, I have plans to add a front mount intercooler, induction with custom heat shield, forge recirculating valve, actuator, SFS hoses and much more to the engine bay. These cars can be pushed comfortably to 350BHP with all the right work and re-maps. Whether I will get that far is another story, never know a new car might be thrown in the mix as a new project. I am currently working on a boot install, incorporating the air tank and compressors for the suspension. I have cool ideas for this.”

Modification List:

Airlift V2 Autopilot Fourway Air Suspension
3SDM 0.05 8.5-9.5J stretched with Toyo tyres (205/35/18 + 215/35/28)
Smooth Petrol Cap
Heko Wind Deflectors
Pioneer Double Din Screen
Pressed Plates

8 thoughts on “Simplicity // Sam’s Vauxhall Astra VXR

  1. Emilia says:

    macht mich immer sehr traurig, wenn die kurezn fetzen in der werbung viel mehr von den liedern versprechen.. das hier is doppelt de4mlich, da es nicht mal die selbe version wie aus der werbung ist.. schade..


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