Set to Go // JohnB Super Bee Srt8

We at H|S are not always looking for the stanced out or the wide & cambered, there times where you have them lowered set of rides that just stick out. When Omar came to us and told us about the SRT8 we had no words. Just had to admire the images of how bad ass it looks.

“Photos and words by: Omar Dada”

This is the quickest photo shoot I have ever organized. About two weeks after contacting Johnb Macca to shoot his SuperBee Charger SRT8, we got it done. And got all the pictures edited as soon as I could. I always used to see this car around town where I live, and fell in love with it at first sight. It’s always been beautiful through all the changes I’ve seen that it has been through, and the first time I heard it was glorious.


Johnb has worked on this car a ton and has made it the beast that it is today. As well as his love for making pizzas at Joey House of Pizza in Nashville, he also loves spending his free time on his car, and adding things to make it better and better for himself.  He had always wanted a black Charger SRT8, but when he had come across the SuperBee he fell in love with it  just like I had, and could definitely understand why.

 According to him, the most eye catching and best modification that he has on his car is his Vortech Supercharger. And who wouldn’t love that on their car? His car is dynoed at 530 RWHP and is his daily driver. In fact, while shooting it I asked him to turn the car around in a garage, and what seemed like him barely tapping on the accelerator the tires squealed.

 As a photographer that loves doing photo shoots and seeing all kinds of different cars, this was one of my favorites to shoot. Is definitely a beautiful head turner, I can’t wait to see what Johnb has in store for the future of this car, but whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

Modification List:

grip front bumper
grip side skirts
custom fenders
tinted fog lights
tsw Valencia wheels
tinted & color matched led tail lights
custom led brake lights on rear diffuser
custom liscenes plate
5% tint & tinted windshield.
vortech supercharger
custom dyno tune
diablo trinity
180 thermostat
87mm throttle body
custom catch can
custom exhaust
no cats
electronic cutouts
blue tops
bc racing coilovers

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