Covering all tracks // Steven’s 2007 Civic Si Coupe

Here at Happy Stance we love to see the variety and uniqueness that is among the car scene.  Every car is an open canvas for the owner to express themselves and show how unique an individual’s car can be.  From stance, to color schemes, to the mechanics that make these machines live and breathe, one can see the creativity of the owner.  Steven Mechetti’s 2007 Civic Si Is anything but a blank canvas.

(Words by: Alex Bousquet)

Steven Mechetti is a 24 year old graduate student born and raised in Edison, NJ, and has a thriving passion for cars, “I’ve Always been into cars, whether I’m working on them, driving them, or shooting them.”  Steven has had a couple of cars, but none caught his eye like the Habanero Red Pearl Si.  “I’m in love with the color of this car, which is really what drew me to it.”, not only did the car draw him in but Happy Stance, as well.

The factory paint is complemented by light blue Rota Grids that also tend to be a bit of an attention grabber.  Other than the eye popping color scheme, the 2007 Si has other show quality features, from the carbon fiber trunk, wing, grill and MG style (painted to match) carbon fiber hood, to the Mugen front lip and HFP rear lip.  It is easy to say that this car is show ready and could turn some heads, but Steven isn’t quite done, yet.  Looks can get you many places, but the insides, the guts, can literally get you there faster.

“My ride is very unique in the sense that it is not built for one specific purpose. It was designed to be a very well rounded vehicle.”, Steven explained.  Aside from the occasional head turning at a show, Steven and his Si can be found at road courses, tracks, and on his daily commute. With a little bit of function and a little bit of form the right combo was found for this Si.  Steven’s words say it all once the hood is popped, “There is nothing like having a driver underestimate the good looks of this civic for just being a show car. They shortly find out its just as fast as it looks.”.

The Swift Racing Technologies turbo kit allows Steven to put down 427whp at 11 pounds, as of last summer. The kit is backed by Hondata 4Bar MAP Sensor and SRT 1000cc injectors, among other modifications. With the kit reaching 15k miles the car is showing no signs of slowing down. “I couldn’t be happier with the performance and dealing with gas hasn’t been too much of a problem either.” This Si captures the best of all worlds, offering a beautiful sight to the amazing sound as it passes by those who underestimate it.

Steven has given Happy Stance some insight into what the future holds for this Habanero Red Pearl Si, “For the future, it will be getting some cosmetic upgrades underneath the hood, with some powder-coated accents to match the rest of the car.”  Plans for purchasing new slicks and a roll cage will give his Si much more time out on the tracks.  Even with the pressure of his last year of grad school, Steven finds the time to improve his already outstanding car.  As mentioned before his canvas doesn’t have a single blank spot on it, and for that we salute you Steven and your ‘jack of all trades’ Si.

Modification List:
Swift Racing Technologie Turbo Kit
Precision 6765 Turbo
Precision 46mm Vbanded Waste Gate
Tial 50mm Q-Bov
Hondata 4Bar MAP Sensor
SRT modified 1000cc Injectors
Walbro 255lph high pressure in tank fuel pump
Custom 3′ straight pipe to Vibrant muffler
Hybrid Racing shifter end linkage
Innovative motor mounts
Skunk2 Pro-c coilovers
Skunk2 v2 rear camber kit
Full Race tractions balls
Megan Racing H-brace
Rota Grids – Staggered 18×8.5 +42 (fronts) & 18×9.5 +38 (rear)
BWR neochrome steel series lug nuts
Mugen front lip
Sigma side skirts
HFP rear lip
Seibon MG style carbon fiber hood (paint matched)
Seibon carbon fiber trunk
Custom carbon fiber wing
6K 50W low beams
3K 35W fog lights
Gloss black roof wrap
Carbon fiber grill
Carbon fiber window trim wrap
20% tint all around
Front and rear JDM badges
Red out tail light tint

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