Stretch & Poke // Reg’s PR5 Wagon

Lately we have been looking around for the rides that are sticking out from rest. From the first time I saw the PR5 lingering around the web, never knew that we was going to have the owner on board. Waking up to the usual daily routines, going into our email account and there it was. We couldn’t believe our eyes the unusual set up that it has, we used a little bit of profanity and said “Hell yea”.

Just being Hard parked at a meet or just riding on them California highways I can imaging the necks that the PR5 breaks. If you know the PR5 wagon, it has no type of flare on the wells so to actually buy 8.5+ wheels or even with wheels with a good amount of lip you’re going to have to flare it out completely, camber it or go all out like Reg did. As being a huge import fan the P5 was not actually my cup of tea, but now that I saw this wagon I might just half to second guess that.

In Reg’s own words:

 “I don’t quite know where to start? the real reason why I got the Pr5 was because I wanted a lot of trunk space to fit a 18′ subwoofer :D. Eventually I started to grow out of the audio stage. I learned more about my car and how rarely people modded their Pr5’s. I planned to Stance out my Pr5. 240Z’s gave me the motivation to what my car looks like today. A year after I bought my car I went to WekFest 2010 and saw a lot of amazing Stanced Out Modded as F*ck cars; and said to myself, ” I’m going to do that!……

…….Then the journey started. Going online finding as many Forums as I can, I came Across ” Mazdas247.” Streaming the Forum I found the ‘Slammed Thread’ I never knew how many mazdas were slammed/stanced/modded. The guys that really motivated me the most were, Chris Bernado, Adam King, Shavi’s (HELLAFLUSH MSP3), and Hung Dinh Tran. I thought their cars were the cleanest. I Eventually stanced out my car and Ruined fenders. I never planned on doing the fender flares until, I saw the old 240/206z’s with them. In the middle of my fender flare build as well I started to see all these sti’s with and that helped me with my build on the flares as well .

I also realized that no one has ever really done fender flares on a protégé 5 so I was super existed to Rock them on my pr5. Looking back now at the car, I’ve never realized how far I’ve come with it. The whole thing about my car is being different, and doing things that people haven’t seen before with the pr5. I’m ecstatic the way I molded my car together and far I’ve come from STOCK. I look at stock pr5’s and say to my self I feel like the car is missing something. I really have enjoyed building my car and pushing the limits of my car to what I want it to look like one day. It’s pretty close to my vision, but hey isn’t every build a never ending build.”

You can see that Reg has worked hard on his ride, from the wheel setup, The reassurance of the stiffness to the fitting of the wide flares. We have the privilege  showing the public this unique Pr5, You can see just looking at the build that theirs so much in stored for the future. Like Reg said in his own words ” I just wanted to be different from the rest” and you think that he’s answered to that, oh yes indeed.

Reg is not done yet, oh there is quite a few things that is in motion for the future. Of course we have the scope on that, from a GTSPEC Lower Tie Brace, powder coat all the bars and wheels, get new recut front fenders shave everything and get car repainted, wildwood front 6 piston and rear 4 piston, Hydraulic e break, then some boost loving.

Modification List:


-Injen cold air intake
-hks hi-power axle back
-resonator delete
-somco Silicone radiator hoes
-all 4 awr engine mount 95(dampening)
-painted valve cover
-Ngk speak plugs And wires
-cruse control delete
– windshield wiper fluid delete
-corksport brass shifter bushings
-CORKSPORT Shifter Bushings For Protege
– goodridge clutch line
– exedy racing stage one clutch
-Fidanza Flywheel 7.5lb MSP
-.71 5th Gear Set MSP
-Mfactory LSD MSP
-LSD install kit


-rockford fosgate prime 6×8
-330.3 viper alarm
-protege garage adjustable throw shiftier
-auto power roll bar
– f1 spe racing seats
– sparco sliders, wedge engineering brackets
-pioneer deck
-white LEDs
-no back seats
-gt spec rear trunk brace
– nrg quick release and hub adaptor and avenue wheel from
-takata rep. 4 point racing harnesses


-yellow speed coilovers
-hypercoil 4 inch spring in the front 600 spring rate
-awr endlinks front
-aac rear later kit
– race beat rear sway bar
-hypercoil 6 inch springs rear 1300 spring rate
-Kmr Rear V Brace
-Kmr Rear Link Reinforcement Panel
– Pedders Front Control Arm Bushings Protégé


-xxr 530’s 18×9.75 +5front and +15 rear  offset
-*Achilles ATR Sport 215/35-18 Tires
-blacked housed headlights
-fog light delete
-5k hids low beam
-yellow high beams
-dgm front lip
-spray painted calipers
-bumper latches
-custom fiber glass fender flares
-shorty antenna
-jdm tail lights
-roof rack delete
-trim delete
-wink mirror
-panted rear diffuser
-amber license plate lights
– single wiper up front
– rear wiper delete

8 thoughts on “Stretch & Poke // Reg’s PR5 Wagon

  1. bikus says:

    Hi, your Protege5 its very very great 🙂 I have a question, I am looking for plugs halogens such as in your bumper in Protege5
    Where did you bought?
    I would be grateful if you’d send me a source of these plugs to my email
    greetings from Poland


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