Frederick’s Poked out R32 on the Spotlight

Everybody that’s in the car scene always loves right-hand drive cars, there’s just something about them that makes them fascinating, maybe just because they’re very rare cars to find in the US. Even when you go out of the country you’re fascinated by the RHD cars.

 (Photos by: Erik Gustafsson  / Words by: Omar Dada)

Frederick Chanon has a super nice RHD car, the Nissan Skyline R32, and he’s built it to be amazing. Living in Sweden, and from Thailand, he reps “Drop Top Squad,” a local group in Sweden. He has taken his R32 to a completely different level, and made it like no other one that exists. With all the mods that it has, I’m pretty sure it can be classified as a race car!.

According to the owner, many people hate on it because it shouldn’t be stanced and should look more like a race car, but all that matters is that the owner loves it. His future plans are to make it go even lower, I can’t wait to see what the owner has in store for the future, even though I’ll probably only look at it through pictures.



Modification List:

Greddy/Trust T78-33D Turbo
Wiseco 87mm pistons, drilled block 2.7 liter
Eagle Rods
Greddy 272 degrees cam
Veilside Titanium exhaust system “Teardrop”
KTS Coilovers
Cusco camber kit
HKS Feulrai
Denso 800cc
Tomei baffle plate in the oil pan
Greddy manifold
Greddy intercooler
Greddy oil cooler
Greddy GREX oil filter relocation kit
Greddy downpipe
Greddy wastegate
Greddy radiator
Greddy Type S bov

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