Staying Fresh // Eddie’s s2000

Usually I’m not a fan of Honda S2000’s, especially the hardtop ones unless they’re done right. An amazing example of a Honda S2000 done right is Eddie Laymoun’s. The first time I personally saw this car it looked bone stock at a car meet and in about three months later at the same spot, Eddie’s car was in the spotlight of ImportAlliance Fall 2012.

(Words and Photos by: Omar Dada)

The first time I shot this car was for OE95:Offset Everyday, and I was glad to shoot it again for HappyStance. And it has changed a lot since the last time I shot it. With the addition of the Vortech Supercharger, Bride Racing Seats, and many other parts, it is a lot meaner. The thing that enamors me about this car is how fast Eddie got everything done it’s like he changed the whole appearance of the car overnight. I’m sure it’ll change even more overtime, and it will keep getting meaner and meaner because that’s the way Eddie rolls.

I was glad to get this car onto HappyStance first, because I know that there are many websites that are waiting to get it onto theirs. Eddie plans on keeping this unique, and doesn’t really want to copy anyone else’s style. So he’s making his own by adding red and blue to his car, the exterior of it is blue and he’s working on making a lot of other parts red. Which is definitely going to be beautiful and make it very eye-catching. While shooting it, there were people giving it the “what the heck is that, I like it,” look. Eddie definitely lives by the HappyStance slogan “Stay Lowered & Fresh.”

Eddie has not decided yet on doing a wire tucked engine bay or rb26 twin turbo swap, whatever he does to it, is going to be immaculate guranteed.


Modification List:

Exterior :

OEM front lip
ap2 rear spoiler
Carbon fiber mugen hardtop
rear diffuser
mugen exhaust
custom grill covers
bride seats
crow harnesses
NRG hub
NRG quick release
NRG steering wheel
AEM Ems series 2
cusco cage
AEM fuel/air/boost gauges
Sony stereo
customer snap on shift knob
ken-wood speakers
customer enclosure sound system in the trunk 12″ pioneer sub
1400w with 2 jl amps
max capacitor
Steering wheel and cage are painted Ferrari red


k-sport coil overs
Megan toe kit
Megan racing camber kit
shorter lower arms
BLOX axel spacers
Wheels :
18×9 front 18×10.5 rear
BLOX long lug nuts
vortech supercharger
1000cc injectors
255 walboro fuel pump
AEM fuel rail
AEM Fuel pressure regulator
custom temp plates
carbon fiber coolant plate
powder coated valve cover to match temp plates

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