Wuste 2013 // Photo Coverage.

Wuste is not a car show, it is an experience. Picture rolling into six-story parking garage filled with nothing but the best European cars on the west coast and even a few from other parts of the country. Now add the craziness of Las Vegas, pool parties, DJs, late nights on the parking deck, walking the strip, gambling, drinking, and thousands of like minded enthusiasts. Got it? That is Wuste.

(Collaboration with Storage Seven // Photos & Words by: Jake Owens)

Day 1 of the event was on Friday, but I arrived a night early to take part in the out of towner’s meet at In N Out and the shenanigans on the parking deck that night. Loved this Cabrio, read on to see more of it.

One of the Dapper guys made it out all the way from the East Coast, now that’s dedication.

Day one started early with a cruise to the Hoover Dam followed by returning to Palace Station early in time for the opening ceremony around 7pm. That night most people rolled in, filling the parking deck and displaying some of the craziest builds on the west coast. Of course what would a trip to Sin City be without heading to the strip and so Wuste provided a shuttle service to and from the hotels and casinos to encourage people to have a good time, but emphasized that people should not drink and drive. Good job on that one Wuste.

Check out those big brakes peeking out from behind those three piece wheels. Very nice.

Perfect fitment and great color choice on this S4.

After recovering from the…festivities…of the previous night day 2 kicked off with a bang, with a pool party in the morning followed by the big show at the speedway. The number of cars that showed up to the speedway was awe-inspiring, and some of the builds there were simply amazing. I’m pretty much at a loss for words when trying to describe these cars so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Check out this MK2 cabrio, loving the yellow tint on the lights.

This Audi was a showstopper, aired out on a set of Rotiforms. You don’t see chrome wheels pulled off well often but this is an exception to that rule.

Everything about this dub screamed look at me, from the matte blue paint(plastidip?) to the tan and red scheme in the engine bay, and lets not forget sitting on the ground.

This Jetta sitting on Rotiform NUEs powdercoated white and dropped low on Accuair bags showed that you can’t go wrong with a simple black and white color scheme dropped to the floor.

The Cabrio from Thursday night.

With its stupid clean tucked bay, two thumbs up to the owner of this car, you’re doing it right.

This classic Benz showed that even though a car is old doesn’t mean that it can’t be stupid clean. I especially liked the attention to detail in this build, namely on the chrome work, everything looked like it had just rolled off of the assembly line.

Finally, I hate to play favorites, but this new Beetle dumped on a set of WCI CC10s stole the show. Definitely one of my favorite cars of the weekend. The fitment was perfect, the matte white wrap looked great, and all the little details really brought this whole car together. Every time I saw it I kept  seeing new details that made me fall in love with it even more.

Back to the show:

This S4 was definitely dropped but still functional, and look at those wheels, perfect on that body color.

Perfect fitment seemed to be a trend here at Wuste and this yellow GTI kept that going.

Leaving the speedway at dusk gave us a chance to rest up a little bit before going out for the night, but not before grabbing this great rolling shot of my buddy’s GTI and the Vegas sunset.

A little bit of time back on the parking deck before going out for the night allowed me to grab a shot of this GTI bagged on some Works.

After a night on the town we woke up to almost a somber scene. People were realizing Wuste was over, packing their cars and getting ready to leave.

No one wants an event like this to end, and you could definitely tell that was the sentiment coming from each and every person attending Wuste this year.

I’ll leave you with this bagged matte blue Jetta, and a few words.

To the people running Wuste: Thank you for putting on such an awesome event, you really organized it well and I could not have been happier. I can’t think of a single time that I was upset about anything the whole weekend, so good job.

To the people attending Wuste: Thank you for making this author feel welcome, even though I came in the completely wrong type of car, I still felt very welcome.

Until next year, now its time for all of us to return to the real world, with new friends, new stories, and for this author: a new outlook on cars.


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