The Calm in the Storm // Dick’s S2000

In my time spent at local meets, the few track events I have attended, or just time enjoyed kicking it and wrenching on various projects with  friends. I have noticed there is one thing that separates some of us from the rest, commitment. Everywhere you go you can always tell the  one from the other. There are those who talk and those who get it done. Whether it be unique budget built rides, or expensive show cars only driven onto a trailer. There is no difference. There are always those who prefer to gab about their plans rather than actually getting it  done.

(Photos by: Daniel Pontrelli & Words by: Kenny Bacon)

Twenty year old Dick from Connecticut shows what hard work and commitment can really do. His car does all the talking for him.  His S2K brings a whole new meaning to passion, and patience. Anyone who has ever had to source legitimate goodies, work hard to save their pennies, and wait  patiently for parts arrival knows what it’s like to see their hard work pay off. To create a masterpiece that brings the best out  of every auto enthusiast. The beautiful part about Dick and his car is it has a unique story behind it.

For all of us there is that one thing that seems to clear up the fog. For most of us it’s our cars and for Dick it’s no different. Unfortunately Dick has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. A hereditary disease which can effect breathing due to build up in the lungs. Despite this set back and although requiring a couple daily vest and breathing treatments, Dick has never allowed his health to stop him from working on his ‘01 Honda S2000. In 2010 Dick actually sourced this gem from an outside supplier and shipped it in from Houston Texas. Since then he has been working hard at creating his own personal watermark on the East’s import scene.

I have always been attracted to simplistic yet aggressive cars; and Dick has certainly created a car that reflects those two attributes. The car is gunmetal in color with polished aluminum BBS RS wheels. In order to get that flushed look He ordered them in a staggered 17×9 rear and 17×8 front with a little dish. Then he stretched and fitted the tires accordingly. With a wheel and tire combo like this it is necessary to do a little suspension work. He chose the Megan coilovers to keep  things firmly planted. Needless to say although the car’s body has  a mild look It certainly catches the eye. If you have ever driven or  ridden in an S2000 you know that they’re already a spirited car. Add coilovers and grippy, wider tires to the mix and you’ll be feeling lateral g’s on a whole different level. After creating the stance  that he desired Dick opted for the Mugen hard top to add a little to  that wow factor. As is true with every build, attention to detail is necessary. If it doesn’t sound the way it looks there’s a piece missing to the puzzle. To fill in that gap Dick ordered the Invidia N1 Exhaust to liven up the already well tuned engine.

Most of the auto scene I witness is in the Pacific Northwest. Although I have got to say it is great to see some nice, clean builds coming out of the east. I doubt Dick will be calling it quits for his build anytime soon and I sincerely hope this will be an inspiration to those of us with projects getting neglected. Props to a man who will let nothing from stopping him from completing his goals. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this fresh S2K around.

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