Get Inspired // Jowell’s 2004 Accord

If you’re active within the car scene you will notice that more and more Honda Accords have been appearing local meets and events. 7th Generation accords especially, have been coming out of the woodwork lately. We doubt that you will find a cleaner Accord than Jowell Marcelo’s 2004 sedan.

(Photos by: Chad Lee & Words by: Daniel B.)

Prior to purchasing the Accord, Jowell had his eyes on a 2006 Camry. After taking the Honda out of the dealer’s lot he knew he made the right choice. Jowell began modifying his ride with lowering springs, an HFP front lip and 18″ wheels. Jowell’s passion with cars originated from his father. “My dad had a shop back in the Philippines where I grew from being infant to early adult life” he stated. After several more car modifications he was still not satisfied. “I’ve modified my Accord a hundred times, but I wasn’t really happy with it”. The fortunate meeting of his friend Adrian opened Jowell’s eyes to the Honda Inspire which led to the conversions and transformation of his vehicle.

The Honda Inspire is Japan’s Honda Accord. Piecing together these JDM parts was no easy task, these modifications cost plenty of money and time to assemble. There were constant emails and phone calls to Malaysia and Japan for  parts. The Accord now has a full UC1 front end with Inspire headlights, foglights, bumper, hood and grill. With the help of his friends, Jowell scored Inspire taillights and Modulo front and rear lips as well. Jowell’s research, patience and hustle made the UC1 conversion into a reality.

South California has some of the most wicked rides in the nation. Jowell knew he had to step up his game. Some would’ve been satisfied with the Inspire conversion, but Jowell went above and beyond. This sexy Honda currently sits on 18×10″ WORK VS-XX high polished wheels with +26 offset up front and +21 in the rear. These amazing rims are wrapped with 215/40 Hankook V12 tires. The suspension consists of Airforce struts and bags with a 5 gallon air tank and two ViAIR 380C compressors. The ACCUAIR VU4, Switchspeed Controller and eXo Mount round off the air ride suspension. Other modifications include a TSX intake manifold, a K&M Short Ram Intake and an OEM V6 polished exhaust system with 4 inch exhaust tips.

Seven years of hard work and dedication went to building this masterpiece. It is clearly evident that this head turner is among the finest Hondas that you will ever see. “I thank the people who support me and appreciate what I’ve put into my car”. We at Happy Stance have been Inspired….have you?

Modification List:

Interior Modifications:
OEM Steering Wheel Wrapped in Leather w/ Wood Trim
OEM Wood Trim Kit
OEM Leather Seat Swap
OEM Leather Center Arm Rest Swap
Custom Air Suspension Gauge Pod
Belkin Phone Cup Holder for Switchspeed Controller.

Exterior Modifications:
OEM Window Visor
OEM INSPIRE Decklid Spoiler w/ Camera
OEM INSPIRE Front Bumper
OEM INSPIRE Headlights
OEM INSPIRE Fog Lamps w/ OEM Fog Harnes
OEM Hybrid Side Mirrors

Suspension Modifications:
WORK VS-XX re-built (4x) High Polished Rims w/ Bronze Bolts.
-18×10 +26+21
-Hankook V12 215/40
Ingalls Rear Camber Kit – lower control arms/toe
Wicked Rear Camber Kit – upper control arms
Rear TL Sway Bar
Front EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads
Rear Fenders Rolled and Pulled
Front Fenders DIY Rolled and Pulled. Re-aligned.

Airforce Struts and Bags
Switchspeed Controller
eXo Mount
5 Gallon Tank
Dual ViAIR 380c Compressors

Neuspeed Strut Bar
OEM V6 Polished exhaust system w/ 4 inch exhaust tips

Matsushita ballast
Morimoto 5000K D2S bulbs
Nokya Hyper White H11 bulbs

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