Simplified. // Tom’s Golf MKV

Tom’s MKV Golf looks beautiful, it’s definitely one Golf done right! His Golf is sitting on some nice Mercedes Benz wheels, which keeps it in the Euro blood. He only uses OEM aftermarket parts on the exterior (other than the wheels of course).

(Photos by: Jonas Vermeiren & Words by: Omar Dada)

Tom is rolling static on his VDUB. For plenty of reasons, being in Belgium, he chose a static drop rather than bags because bags are expensive, and illegal where he lives, and he loves the ride on his coils, and of course, bags are for groceries :).

Golf’s are very beautiful cars, especially when they’re done as right as Tom’s, major props to him for making it such a sweet car and reppin’ the Euro scene. He has plenty of things done to his car, and I’m sure there’s more to come!






Modification List:

Weitec coilovers with shorter springs front and rear
Mercedes-Benz rims 8.5J
Us Lights
Golf MKVI interior and climate panel
RNS radio