Eye Catcher // Chad’s G35


The first time I saw this car was at Music City Car Meets’ Summer Meet, while looking through pictures and looking for cars & finding the owners too, I noticed a beautiful white G35. It was sitting on my favorite wheels, Work VS-XX’s that were also white. White on white always catches my eye I love it.

(Photos & Words by: Omar Dada)


The day of the Music City Car Meet I did a shoot with a G37, and the owner of the car knows many others that own G’s as well. So I sent him the picture and he sent me a name, Chad White. I messaged Chad, told him that I loved his car and would love to shoot it as a feature for Happy Stance. He replied very quickly saying he would be down, but only a couple weeks later. I feel like I messaged Chad at the perfect time, he was just about to part out the car when I messaged him. Right after we did the shoot that weekend.


While doing the shoot, and going up to a garage that I’ve never been to before was really scary, because of the entrance ramp to the top of the garage. I could hear the car scrape going in, and we were joking around about how we had to leave the car there. Chad’s car is so clean and is definitely one of the ones that stands out in the car scene in Nashville, and I’m sure that it stands out while he drives it around in Smyrna, TN.


It’s sad to know that Chad will be selling the car soon, and hopefully it’ll end up with a owner who will treat is as good as he has. He rolls with a sick group of car guys, with some clean rides as well, and I hope I get the chance to shoot them as well. And can’t wait to see what Chad has in store for the future.









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