Keeping it Low // Alain’s Golf R

Golf R’s are awesome, this one in particular is even more awesome than usual Golf R’s. It is spectacularly beautiful. Alain the owner, has a love for Volkswagens he has only owned Volkswagen’s since he has gotten his driver’s license. His first car was loved like any other kid would love their first car, It was a Volkswagen MK2, and according to Alain the pain sucked and the car was old but nevertheless he loved it.

(Photos by: Jonas Vermeiren & Words by: Omar Dada)

The first car Alain started to modify was the car before his Golf R. Which was the Volkswagen EOS, and he definitely knows how to modify his cars just judging by how this Golf R looks. Just by looking at pictures of this Golf R, I know it’s something that I would love to see being driven around.

I’m sure that anybody else in the car scene would love it as much as I do, especially the Euro lovers. The wheels that Alain got for the car definitely add a nice and unique touch to the car. He has the car sitting on Bentley Continental GT wheels, which of course looks good on a Bentley but looks very good on a Volkswagen.

Of course the car doesn’t look like it’s on a static drop. It’s bagged, which is always helpful if you want your car to be low and a daily driver. Alain loves his car, he says it’s fast and fun to drive and obviously it’s a head turner.