Turning of Tides // Michael’s Audi A3


It’s funny how things progress. It seems only a few years ago the “in thing” was outlandish body kits and enough lighting and speakers to run a club from the trunk of your car. All that’s needed is a bar tender and let the festivities begin. Then there was the functional show car phase. Which sadly these gems I doubt saw much of track use. After that there I think was a brief patina rat rod look. Primarily in the old school scene.  

(Photos by: Jonas Vermeiren & Words by: Kenny Bacon)


But now the trend we have been seeing most recently on the street  is clean and simple. By simple I mean bare bone necessity simple. No need for louvers, wings, or diffusers since those seem to now be reserved for race duty where they will be used to their full potential. Still in something simple can one yet create a masterpiece. To further show  the extent of simplicity combined with beauty, let me introduce our next readers subscription.


Back in 2010 when Michael was back in the market to be buying his next daily/project car, nothing really seemed to grab his attention until he waltzed high spirited into his local Audi dealer. After looking at different models one caught his eye in particular. For Michael this  was it. There were no other options. He decided on the TDI Audi A3. A perfect choice for function, reliability, and style. After a few months of waiting he was handed the keys and drove away in his new ride. But he wasn’t finished just yet. Some things just can’t be left alone and the suspension was one of them. After much time researching and  pondering Michael opted for air ride. His reasoning for this was the  ability to still take his clean A3 on any street he desired. Aside from a debadge and minor cosmetic modifications this beast is mostly original. Aside from the wheels taken off a porsche.


There’s something to be said for a simplistic build such as this. With a short modification list and still more character than a lot of excessive builds out there. When you can take a stock vehicle and give it your own signature taste without cutting it to pieces or buying unnecessary body paneling you are doing something right. While looking at older  rides and the vehicles made for different TV shows and movies, it’s plain to see the milestone changes we’ve made. Both in the auto industry and automotive culture.

Here we have Michael and his fabulous Audi as a prime example of the steps we’ve taken. There is change in the air and if so much diversity can come from one decade in tuning, it’s  going to be wild and exciting to watch the next few steps as we move  towards the next generation of auto enthusiasts. We here at HappyStance hope to be here every step of the way. Bringing you the freshest content  from around the world. I would like to give out a special thanks to Michael and all our other friends which we’ve had the honor of sharing their rides. Keep them coming. And always keep an eye out for new features.