Sky’s is the Limit // Jose’s 1999 Toyota Tercel


In today’s culture, everyone wants something different or unique. Something no one has seen before, and sometimes something someone would never do. Having that one rare piece of artwork nobody else has, or even changing your style every other week to catch everyone’s eyes. All in all, what I’m trying to say is everyone has their own style and unique taste.

(Photos by: Bryant Vargas & Words by: Josh O’Ferrall)


Jose Miguel Mora of Puerto Rico has definitely shown his unique taste by building a beautiful 1999 Toyota Tercel. Jose really shows us the beauty of the Tercel, and like many of us, has done so on a budget. As many of us know, money is always hard to get when you’re in the car scene. Even when the money is not always there to be spent, Jose has found a way to make a great piece of artwork by changing up his rims around every four weeks.


As car enthusiasts, we all know that going to shows and hearing the responses you get is the best. Jose never misses a show as he loves to hear the comments about how beautiful and original his car is. Jose says that stance has always run through his veins, so it’s nice to see this Tercel sitting on the ground with the help of K-Sport coilovers and a set ofKlutch 15”x8.25” rims.

Jose has done a lot of work to his Tercel, from when it began as a stock ’99 Tercel. From the ’99 Civic front lip and BMW fog lights, to the 2001 Corolla body kit; he has really gone the extra mile to make his ride unique.


Don’t let this fool you, Jose won’t be stopping at this point. In the near future, he will transform his OEM 1.5L DOHC 16V 5EFE engine to something even more unique. He will be incorporating a turbo setup in his Tercel, making it even more jaw dropping and one of a kind. So keep an eye out for more to come on Jose’s stanced 1999 Toyota Tercel.