Stance Inspired // Alex’s Corolla


Since the ripe old age of 16, Alex Ramos has been cruising the streets in one of his custom cars. There might even be a strong possibility that his ‘95 Toyota Corolla is older than you are. Alex just can’t seem to stay away from the game. But who can blame him?

(Photos by: Bryant Vargas & Words by: Gina Calhoun)


But, Alex isn’t done just yet. Are we ever? I think not. Nothing is ever too low for him. Being a stance enthusiast, the lower the car the happier Alex is. Slammed cars are what inspired him from the beginning. To some people having a super low car is just crazy talk but we all know there is nothing like seeing a car look like it is one speed bump away from ripping a front end off. Now that is what we call inspiration!


This clean ride sports some of the finest JDM parts, a rear visor, a Volkswagen front lip conversion and Corolla side skirts. But wait, what has Alex not done yet? He has plans on lowering it even more and making it even better by revamping the style of it.



The interior already is sporting some of Alex’s style with its zebra print detail and a one of a kind shift knob that catches the eye of all the lookers. I can’t wait to see what his plans are for the future.



So, the next time you’re riding through Lares, Puerto Rico keep your eye out for the guy driving an old school slammed Corolla with a stance twist. You never know the next time you see him what he might have in store for us.







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