Boys and there Toys // Chee Lee’s E46 M3

Chee's HS 1 edit

The passion we all have for building cars, or for cars in general, starts somewhere. And in most cases it’s a tradition that is passed down from our fathers. Like our friend Chee Lee and his e46 M3. His passion started with the love for his fathers Mitsubishi 3000gt. Chee would spend countless hours in the garage detailing and working on cars with his father, allowing him to grow closer and more passionate towards cars.

(Photos by: Denut-L & Words by: Josh O’ferrall)

Chee's HS 3 edit

When Chee lee turned seventeen he had finally got his license. Something he had been dreaming about, Chee could finally step away from sharing the spotlight with his father and fuel his own build. Chee started his journey with a 2000 civic Si. But he quickly separated from his precious Si, thieves had stolen it. But Chee did not let thieves stop his dream and he continued his journey.

Chee's HS 2

Chee had always loved the e46 chasis so he went ahead and bought an e46 sedan. After modding the sedan a little and driving it near and far he started to grow away from the sedan. He then chose to sell it. Even though Chee chose to sell the Sedan he still wanted another M3, it being one of his dream cars. Browsing for months, seeing every color of the M3, a certain color caught Chee’s eye, a Carbon Metallic Black M3. It was love at first sight Chee loved black cars and has a soft spot for blue.

Chee's HS 4 edit

Chee's HS 5

Chee told himself he would leave this car stock, but like us all had to mod, and before he knew it he had springs on the way. He drove around for a season, but like us, broke down and had to mod more. Chee bought a beater letting him leave the M3 on Jack stands for the winter, allowing the parts he was buying to pile up. As soon as it got warmer it was like Christmas morning, Chee jumped to it and applied all the new parts to his M3. Chee loved the slammed and stance look so of course after picking up a custom set of 5×120, 5 spoke work equip wheels that exactly what Chee did.

Chee's HS 6

Chee's HS 7 edit

Along with the wheels Chee also went with hamann front lip, csl type bootlid, and a csl type diffuser. But Chee couldn’t stop there he bought smoked corner lights. Chee wanted that slammed look so of course his choice of status gruppe full coilovers was the way to go. But don’t think Chee is going to stop there he has future plans for this car, Chee plans to get a supercharger, exhaust,headers and a VCSL front bumper. So keep a look out for Chee’s beautiful slammed M3 it’s only going to get better from here.

Chee's HS 8

Chee's HS 9

Chee's HS 10

Chee's HS 12 edit

Chee's HS 13 edit

Chee's roller 2 HS edit

Chee's roller HS

chee edit 5 hs feature

Modification List:

smoked corner lights
60 LED 6k angel eyes
hamann style front lip
csl style bootlid
csl style diffuser
status gruppe tuning full coilovers
19×10 et15, 19×11 et10 Work Equip wheels