Young & Addicted // Taryn’s IS300


Has anyone ever heard the saying, “You change your cars more than girls change their panties?” Well ok… maybe that was just my mom then, but this guy sure follows suit to that. Guys wish they could have as many girls as he has had cars in the last 2 years. This kid is ridiculous and a guy after my own heart. The 17 year old responsible for this 2004 IS 300s has built his fair share of cars.  And don’t get all jealous and think mommy and daddy are helping him with his car addiction. Taryn James works full time and by what I see he sinks every paycheck into his rides. That is an addiction we all know too well.

(Photos by: Dan Pontrelli & Words by: Gina Calhoun)


He had an instant infatuation with lowered Volkswagens before he could even drive. Which of course is why his first car had to be a Golf 1.8. He started with an engine swap that he did himself, got a new turbo and put some clean C5 Corvette wheels on it. In, 2012 Taryn went to the H2o International and that is what really inspired him to get in the game. He traded his Volkswagen Golf for a Nissan 240sx. He then figured that he would lower the 240 with some springs, rock some XXR 962 wheels and do a motor swap to a S14 SR20. All that work put into his car and he found out later that the frame was shot so he traded to a SR13 coupe. He just didn’t have the drive to finish it though.


Taryn was in the market for a new car. Like I said, this kid is ridiculous.  He searched high and low. All he wanted was an IS 300s with an aggressive front end, the luxury ride, and to hear the sound of the I6 2jz engine. Oh, and it had to be a 5 speed too. He wasn’t asking for much was he!


Well let me give you a little background on these oh so nice Lexus’s. For years people associated Lexus’s for quiet, refined, luxury cars. Sporty was far from everyone’s mind. Then in 2001 they made the IS 300s and shattered that image. The 3.0 liter six was 215 horsepower and 218 pounds of torque; with a 5-speed transmission. But, even though this car could do 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds people cried that it was only a 5 speed. So, Lexus came out with the automatic transmission. Well, guess what? Despite all the fuss people made the manual-shift is a rare find today. It is like finding a unicorn or a leprechaun holding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Ok, maybe not that uncommon but they are hard to find. Everyone wants them.


Well miracles do happen because Taryn drove over 400 miles from his hometown of Killingly, CT to pick his up in Warrenton, VA. This “gem” as he calls it has Tein Type flex coil overs, with a Tein electric damping force control that he can adjust while in the drivers seat. OBX racing headers, y pipe on an OEM exhaust with the resonator deleted, short shifter, SRT intake and aluminum skid plate OH MY! He kicked off this project by ripping off the god-awful body kit and brought it back to OEM to keep it clean adding yellow fog lights and altezza red and clear smoked taillights. Taryn is also sitting on a fresh pair of Fifteen52 Tarmacs, which are 18×9.5 with a +25 offset all around. Giving him that nice flush look.


So what is next for Taryn? With catching up on funds or waiting for his next payday, (whatever comes first). He is going to be bagging the IS 300s and adding a turbo that will make that sweet orgasmic sound when it changes gears. And don’t you worry about that 240sx going to waste. Did you think he got rid of that? Oh, no no no! He plans to work on it in due time. I can only imagine what sick cars this kid will have in the future and I can’t wait to see them all.