Brotherly Love // Delbet & Edwin’s Accords


There’s nothing like brotherly love and the passion to build cars. That’s why I’m happy to write about the two childhood friends Delbet Toribio and Edwin Boissard. Both lived in the Dominican Republic as kids and were friends, but as life goes on some friends move away. Both Delbet and Boissard lost touch with each other.

(Photos by: Crystal Fox & Words by: Josh O’ferrall)


After many years, both were living in Long Island, New York. Delbet and Boissard both owned the same model Accords and didn’t even know it, until one day they reunited not knowing they lived two blocks away from each other. When they saw each other’s rides they couldn’t believe they had the same cars and even the same style.


Delbet and Edwin both had other cars before these and had modded them a bit, going with mostly performance mods at first. Getting a feel for the direction they wanted to go with their cars. They both decided to go with the clean and amazing fitment style, and boy do their cars look amazing.


Delbet and Boissard went with coilovers to get an amazing look. Delbet went with k-sports kontrol pro coilovers, and Boissard went with Function and form type two coilovers. Both made great decisions in order to get the look they wanted, but they didn’t stop there. Boissard also went with TSW Valencia rims 18×9.5 +25 all around. Delbet decided to go with XXR 521’s 18×10 +25 to get the fitment he wanted.


Just by looking at these two Accords, you can tell that Delbet and Edwin were long lost brothers. Both have amazing style and really show this with their builds. They have so many amazing mods that I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but they both plan on modding more and making these already amazing rides even better. Both are thinking about air suspension and the possibility of adding a turbo kit. So don’t forget about either of these rides because you will for sure hear and see more of these two at shows and magazines.











Delbet’s 2005 Accord

Modification List::

• Black housing headlights
• Honda Inspire fog lights lamps
• 6k HID regular/6K HID Fog
• 06-07 accord front bumper conversion
• Custom fit 03-05 sedan OEM front Lip
• OEM trunk Spoiler
• VIP lights L.E.D
• XXR 521  18×10 +25 offset all around
•Drilled and slotted rotors r1 concepts
•nrg open lug nuts 100 series
•2008 Tsx custom fit mirrors
• ¼ panels mod for better fitment
•Re-spray red redondo pearl

• Hyper White LED all around
• Alpine radio under OEM radio
• Kenwood 1000 watts 2Ch
• Mmats 15”
• #2 wire gauge

• K-Sports kontrol pro coilovers
• Wicked tuning Rear upper camber arm
• Ingalls Rear Lower Camber/Toe Kits
• Megan front upper control arm camber kit

Edwin’S 2007 Honda Accord

Modification List::

• Honda Inspire fog lights lamps
• 6k HID low/high  6k HID/3K HID Fog
• Custom fit 03-05 sedan OEM front Lip
•smoke window visor vent
• Jdm front upper strut wide bar
• VIP lights L.E.D
•TSW valencia 18×9.5 +25 offset all around
•Hankook ventu 215/40/18
•bwr blue lug nuts
•drilled and slotted rotors r1s
•injen cold air intake
•license relocator
•re-spray alabaster silver metallic

•  Aluminium sport foot pedals
• Hyper White LED all around
• Clarion under OEM radio
• 3- 10″ power bass subs
• Jensen 2000 watts 2ch amp
• Audio pipe 1200 watts 4 ch amp
• 4 HD speakers with 4 twires
• #2 wire gauge
• Radar detector valencia ONE

• funtion and form type two
• Wicked tuning Rear upper camber arm
• truthart upper control arm camber kit
• Ingalls Rear Lower Camber/Toe Kits.