Always Changing it up // Michael’s Mazda 3


If there is one thing that Michael Rodriguez can make his mind up about it is the way his car sits so perfect on his rims. It could be argued amongs car enthusiasts that the aggressive look is the way to go, when you are trying to get the right look for your car. Michael likes his rims to fit just right with a lowered look.

(Photos by: Bryant Vargas & Words by: Gina Calhoun)


In the world that we all know as stance, it is not about the paint, the interior, or even what is under the hood. It is like a perfectly tailored custom made suit that looks so fine on any man. The way that the rims fit and the tires that are flush with the fender make all the difference. So why wouldn’t you go with that “Custom Tailored Look” for your car as well.


But Michael might not totally agree with the stance being the best part of a car. This guy likes to keep the crowd guessing by flippin his paint jobs. Michael got into the scene in 2005 and studied the paint and body mechanics of these magnificent creatures.


We all have our own names for our rides so why not think they are real right? We all can’t have an Autobot like Optimus Prime or Bubblebee that talks but we still get attached to them in our own way. Anyway, Michael wanted to be able to change the color of his rides whenever he wanted to. Coming from someone that can’t keep a car for longer than a year, I understand his addiction to changing things up.


His Mazda 3 Hatchback was originally stock grey when he picked it up, but he soon changed it to a Wine 3R1 color. If you don’t know what that color is just Google it, you will see a ton of Lexus’s sporting it. The Mazda came with a carbon fiber hood and a truck people usually pay good money for but Michael wasn’t having it. He wanted to bring that Mazda 3 back to its original OEM glory. Don’t worry though; he got some carbon fiber on that body. Teasing us with that rear spoiler of his.


Today it is dressed with a custom blue paint job that he did himself. Did you really think that he wouldn’t have changed it? Come on now! I know that if I could paint, I would paint my car to match the shoes I wore that day. Speaking of shoes though (yes they still call rims that), Michael is rollin on some Klutch SL5 18×9.5 with a +40 offset. The front tires are 215/40/18 and the rear tires are 205/40/18. And with the help of his friends it sits flush using a chamber kit and Raceland coil overs. You think that would be enough. Nope not for him. He also put a custom front grille, GV- style front lip that kisses the ground, rear bumper reflectors, and he removed the shaved emblems and rear wiper.


Michael has plenty of plans for his Mazda 3 in the future. He is going to change the color yet again, change the interior to match, get a sick racing steering wheel and some racing seats that we all know hug or bodies so well when we sit in them. I would tell you to keep your eyes open for Michael’s blue Mazda 3 in the streets of Ponce, Puerto Rico but, who am I kidding…. Who knows what color it will be then.