Simply Authentic // Brendon’s ’03 VR6


  According to recent studies 81 percent of Americans own and drive their own personal vehicles. Which  means that there are 254.4 million registered cars. That being the case how does someone drive one car out of 254 million that actually stands out from the norm? Granted the average citizen doesn’t typically care about modifying their cars outside of bumper stickers and air fresheners. But some of us for whatever reason actually enjoy having depleted bank accounts just to have something a little different. This drive, or addiction as some would call it, is what sets the tone for the auto scene and society we thrive in.

(Photos by: Christopher D’Angelo & Words by: Kenny Bacon)


Over yonder in a state called New York there is an auto group that goes by Long Island Euro. Well one of the founders owns a truly authentic Volkswagen. Brendon’s first German car was interestingly enough not just a Volkswagen. But also a Jetta. After a short while experiencing the perks of owning a German engineered daily he decided that it just wasn’t for him. So he dabbled in Jeeps for a while. Finally after talking with friends and being a part of the auto group he decided to come back around with this very creative ’03 VR6.


When it comes to detail Brendon didn’t let anything go unnoticed. Being gunmetal in color this brings lots of options for color schemes and tricky cosmetic modifications noticeable to even the most picky of spectators. With green wheels and a Burberry wrapped headliner it provides quite a contrast of colors and individuality. In order to go demon low like this there were several details that needed taken care of. To keep the oil pan from scraping all over the streets, ending in catastrophic oil supply failure and ultimately blowing an engine, two items were sourced and added.


One being a beefy skid plate, and the other motor mount risers raising the engine a whole inch. The passenger side frame was also notched for clearance. With that having been taken care of it was time for the ride height to be set, stretch the tires on the fresh green Rays wheels, and do a little fender work to make them fit snug.


There are many things to see in a place like New York. It’s a place that has always intrigued me and I would someday like to visit. If I am to be perfectly honest one of the things I’d like to see, out of all the phenomenal architecture and history, I’d like to check out the rest of these guys and their rides. If you live in the area and are considering getting into European cars, or are looking for a chill group of guys into the same thing you are than you will want to check out Long Island Euro. You can check them out on Facebook to see a little more about them.











Modification List:


Raceland Ultimo Coilovers

-2 degree rear camber shims


Wheels and Tires:

Rays Engineering C7rs

17×8 front with 23mm adapters

17×9 rear with 23mm adapters

195/45R17 Yokohama S Drives



Burberry wrapped headliner

Grip Royal wood steering wheel

NRG quick release steering hub

Grip Royal amber shifter

4.5 Gauge cluster facelift


Urolmage Tuning 1 inch motor mount risers

Diesel Geek skid plate

straight piped after Catalytic Converter