Being an OG // Chris Z.’s ’57 Bug


We all want to be original with our rides, really bringing a shock factor to people’s faces. It’s nice to walk around at a show and see all sorts of different rides and designs. If all cars looked the same shows would be boring. Original designs are what make the car world worth it.

(Photos by: Benny Bennett & Words by: Josh O’Ferrall)


So I’m glad to bring you our friend Chris Zessler, from the good old British Columbia. Chris really has a one of a kind original ride. Chris’s ride is a OG coral red, 1957 Volkswagen Beatle. Chris really wanted to keep the original Beatle look but also wanted to spice it up just a little.



Chris decide to keep the original paint, interior and 36hp motor. He did decide to mod the car a little though. Chris added an adjustable narrowed 6 inch drop spindles, and adjustable rear spring plates to give his Beatle that drop he really wanted. To finish up the outside of the car Chris added an old surfboard, and a set of empi chromed wheels with Porsche center caps.



Chris also added a clock in the center of his steering wheel, and some led’s in the original tai lights. But Chris isn’t going to stop there he plans on adding some t-shirts to cover the front seats, and a Hispanic blanket for the rear seat. We definitely want to keep a look out for further plans to this OG Beatle from The good old British Columbia.







Modification List:

original 1957 vw Beatle

Og coral red paint, og interior. Og Og 6 volt electrics, 36hp motor. Mods include an adjustable front beam narrowed 6 inches, drop spindles, adjustable rear spring plates, chromed 5 spoke empi wheels with porsche center caps, clock in the steering wheel, led tailights in og housings and an old surfboard on top.