Changing the Game // Part.2 // Reg’s Pr5


Roll out the welcome mat for the second feature on one of California’s leaders of the Mazda movement. We last left off in mid-May with Reg eager to build upon his already beautiful PR5 wagon. Reg is no rookie, making a car like this takes more than money, the know-how, and an idea.

(Photos by: Jay Soriano & Editor: Alex Marchi & Words by: Paul Garno)


To come as far as Reg and his PR5 have, it takes love. It takes a love for the car, a love for the scene, and a love for what it all means. This PR5 is an accurate metaphor of who Reg Rivera is. It’s not often we see PR5’s modified, or for that matter done right; so this car is a refreshing change of pace. We here at Happy Stance believe originality is key; and this ladies and gents, defines just that.


This build was no over-night job. This was a man and his car side by side making moves in the pursuit to perfection. Not a single part of this car was rushed. Patience is truly a virtue; whether it was waiting on the right parts to come in or, perhaps for the right income to afford certain things. It paid off! From his Goodrich clutch line to the custom fiber glass fender flares, this car has what we like to call smart-mods (modifications of purpose).


So what’s new with Reg’s PR5? Well to start…










Modification List:


-Injen cold air intake -hks hi-power axle back -resonator delete -somco Silicone radiator hoes -all 4 awr engine mount 95(dampening) -painted valve cover -Ngk speak plugs And wires -cruse control delete – windshield wiper fluid delete -corksport brass shifter bushings -CORKSPORT Shifter Bushings For Protege – goodridge clutch line – exedy racing stage one clutch -Fidanza Flywheel 7.5lb MSP -.71 5th Gear Set MSP -Mfactory LSD MSP -LSD install kit -signature sounds coolant Reservoir -Air Diversion Panel from CR3 Motorsports


-rockford fosgate prime 6×8 -330.3 viper alarm -protege garage adjustable throw shiftier -auto power roll bar – f1 spe raceing seats – sparco sliders, wedge engineering brackets -pioneer deck -white LEDs -no back seats -gt spec rear trunk brace – nrg quick release and hub adaptor from -takata rep. 4 point racing harnesses – limited do work son grip royal wheel


-yellow speed coilovers -hypercoil 4 inch spring in the front 600 spring rate -awr endlinks front -aac rear later kit – race beat rear sway bar -hypercoil 6 inch springs rear 1300 spring rate -Kmr Rear V Brace -Kmr Rear Link Reinforcement Panel – Pedders Front Control Arm Bushings Protege – gt spec front strut bar


-badge delete -xxr 530’s 18×9.75 +20 offset -*Achilles ATR Sport 215/35-18 Tires -blacked housed headlights -fog light delete -5k hids low beam -yellow high beams -dgm front lip -spray painted calipers -bumper latches -custom fiber glass fender flares -shorty antenna -jdm tail lights -roof rack delete -trim delete -wink mirror -panted rear defuser -amber lisence plate lights – single wiper up front – rear wiper delete