Stance Dreamin’ // Hai Nguyen’s IS300

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Once upon a time long long ago, a little boy dreamed that one day if he was lucky enough he would have his very own hooked up ride. Some guys dream of girls, others dream of money but Hai Nguyen dreamed of cars.

(Photos by: Denut-L & Words by: Gina Calhoun)

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Well, Hai’s big dreams became his reality. From starting with his 1988 Honda CRX to his 1990 CRX he has been in the game. Can we say, “Honda Obsessed much” anyone? Hey now… there is nothing wrong with that. Every import that I ever slammed, tucked or bagged was a Honda. I don’t think you could ever kill one of those if you tried. They are like that stupid chucky doll. That thing freaks me out. No matter what you do, it just doesn’t die. So, why not start with the king of all imports right?

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Like most of us though Hai spent every last paycheck buying parts here and there to make a car of his dreams that everyone would drool over. It wasn’t until his 2000 Integra got stolen did he decided it was his time to get out of the Honda scene. Poor Guy! I always have said, “you can mess with me but don’t you ever mess with my car!” Bruises come and go, I look at my fender messed up I see red. Who does that anyway? Steal someone’s car. Come on now! Jealous they are all just jealous.

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After Hai searched and search for that perfect car of his sleepless nights, he picked up his dream girl of all rides. A 2003 Lexus IS300. Hai always wanted that Lexus and his day has come. Patience grasshopper, time heals all wombs and a Lexus IS300 is just the thing to get him over that Integra.

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Before Hai was all about the speed of his whips but once he got his IS300, he knew that cruising was the only way of his future. It did take him three years but he finally found the light and fell in love with the stance scene and Hai hasn’t looked back since.

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This IS300 is slammed on a BC racing extreme drop kit 18k/16k and is sitting on ESM 002R 17×10 with a +15 offset. They are wrapped with 215/40/17’s all the way around too. The sleek hard body sports a Greddy style front lip, Air Walker side skirts, altezza front grill and visor with LED lights all the way around to illuminate like the god that it is. Hai has custom straight pipe exhaust, an AEM intake and a Ralco RZ shifter to give it that edge that screams, “Let me touch it just once!”

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He is not stopping there either. With his crew at the Stance Movement Car Club backing him up, he plans on re spraying his panels, go wider on his wheels and boost the 2jz.

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Hai Nguygen’s IS300 can be caught on the streets in Twin City, MN or on So, make sure when you dream, dream BIG. Because like Hai, your dreams will become a reality.

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Modification list:

slammed Bc racing extreme drop kit 18k/16k
esm 002r wheel 17×10+15 wrap on 215 40 17 all around greddy style front lip air walker side skirt altezza  front grill altezza visor led all around
custom straight pipe  exhaust aem intake Ralco RZ Shifter