Thinking Outside The Box // Carlos’s ’05’ Odyssey


One of the goals we have here at HS is to bring diversity and something new to our page with each issue. So far it seems we’ve accomplished this on a regular basis. However once again we decided to bring something completely different to the table. Something so far removed from normal margins I am actually very interested in peoples reactions to reading  this article.

(Photos by: Christopher O’neal & Words by: Kenny Bacon)


When first looking at this van my initial reaction was that of confusion  and admiration. It’s not so easy for anyone to pull off a stance’d van. It takes a certain amount of determination. And if anyone dare tries they better have a good reason for it. Carlos and his wife had been considering expanding their family. So logically they needed a bigger  vehicle. Since Carlos has always been interested in the Honda scene it was an obvious choice. But hanging up a long history in automotive modification isn’t like hanging your coat in the closet.


Once you start it’s very difficult to just quit. Just because Carlos is starting a family doesn’t mean he has to put aside his passion. He’s lucky enough to have a supportive wife that allows such shenanigans and he’s proud to see his son following in his footsteps also getting into the automotive scene. Carlos was born in Puerto Rico so he’s been in the culture for a long time. While growing up he’s always had family into drag racing so he’s been around cars since he could remember.


To say that Carlos is concerned as to peoples opinions on his 2005 Honda Odyssey would be a terrible under statement. However not in the usual way that most people care of others opinions. While most individuals look at things as ridicule; and try to therefor conform to the norm leaving individuality behind, Carlos takes a different look on things. When we asked him why he does what he does he replied with, “I like  to see the good and bad reactions from people when they see the hard  work you put into your car.” For him it’s a game and he’s content with it being simply that.


While other builds may have a much longer modification list, with all sorts of fun things like lips, spoilers, and turbo’s making it more of a pain to drive and less reliable, Carlos has kept his van relatively simple. Minus of course the air ride to not only make it look cool, but also making it easier for his kids to get in and out of. He does plan on making changes in the future although he’s kept the details a secret from us. But for now we’re glad to have a simple, functional, and truly unique car to share with our viewers. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have.





Rohana RL10 20X10 +25 offset

Accuair E-Level kit

Airtekk Air Struts

HID lighting

Tinted windows

Colored Calipers