Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover // Lin Davila’s Mazda Pr5 Wagon


Wagons have always been known as grocery getters in the car scene. And that’s how I’ve always seen wagons in my own personal view, until I saw pictures of Lin Roldan Davila’s wagon. Is stunning from the interior to the exterior. When Davila bought his oem wagon, he already had the itch for customizing it.

(Photos by: Christian Louis Rivera & Words by: Josh O’ferrall)



Davila started off with wanting the JDM look, but then fell in love with the hellaflush lifestyle. And that’s when he knew that’s the direction he wanted to go. He loved going to shows and seeing slammed cars. is simply stunning I’ve never wanted a wagon so badly. Definitely didn’t go cheap with his ride, as he is rocking Bride vios UIII Seats. Which we all know are some head honcho seats. Davila has also roll caged his wagon, and has painted it teal. The teal cage really accents the rims, which have a polished lip and teal center.



Davila’s wagon really puts the hella, in hellaflush. literally sits as low as his coils will let him, isn’t just a low and slow grocery getter. Took the time to also work on the motor, He upgraded to a Garrett t3 turbo. Then added the hks blow off valve, and to get that perfect sound went with a tial waste gate.



From there Davila knew he would need more fuel to get the numbers he wanted. So of course an upgraded Walboro fuel pump was his next choice. We can really say that this Mazda speed wagon really has been built for, form and function. So remember everyone just because it’s a slammed wagon doesn’t mean she isn’t mean too.




DSC_2248 pendiente

Modification List:

Interior: seats bride vios ulll, NRG steering wheel & shift knob, Broadway retro rear view mirror, Takata Seatbelts, Custom rollcage, & a double din touch.

Exterior: Mazda speed front bumper, Mazda speed head lights, Mazda speed lip, charge speed lip, custom sideskirts, custom rear diffuser, Custom spoiler, 323f tail lights, exhaust racing beat.

Motor: At3 garret turbo system, Hks blowoff valve, tial wastegate, fuel lab regulator with a walbro fuel pump.