Standin’ Out from the Rest // Amrit Virk’s Chrysler 300

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Well….Well…When you think of stanced cars what is your first thought? Imports right? That was mine. Since that is the only thing I really have ever seen or I have had. The holy grail of Hondas, Toyota’s, Lexus’s and Mazda’s are what we see driving down the street with their rims tucked so perfect we do a double take. Dare I go on!  I think I shall. Every car show you go to, and every magazine you look at is just that. Imports! They are all different in their own way but what makes them stand out from the rest? They might have different paint jobs or different wheels so that we make it our own but I will be the first to admit my Honda hatch is one of a million out there. The good thing for me is most 1996 hatches, may they rest in piece, are hard to come by thank goodness for that. I still see them going for over $3k online and that is just the shell.  But that is still one of the most common cars that are hooked up.

(Photos by: Grocery Bags & Words by: Gina Calhoun)


Ever since Amrit Virk aka Grocery Bags was little, he was told to be different, stand out from the rest, and don’t follow everyone else. That is easier said than done but different is what he became. Armit got his nickname because everyone told him that bags were for groceries just like Tricks are for Kids and the name just stuck. Now, Mr. Grocery Bags himself decided to listen to those wise people and he didn’t follow the popular crowd. He did the unthinkable and boy did it pay off.


Amrit wanted to stand out and make himself known in this crazy scene that we live and breathe by. He wanted to demolish his competition and make people say…. WHAAAATTTTT!!!!  When they saw it driving the street of Loudoun County, Virginia. Armit was that kid in all those high school movies that was the outcast but by the end of the movie you were cheering for. You know who I am talking about. That nerdy kid that somehow becomes the most popular kid in the school and gets the cheerleader to sleep with him. Think back to all the horrible 80’s movies! Yep, that is who I am talking about.  He dared to be different and like the movies it paid off big time.

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At the age of 22 years old he purchased his 2006 Chrysler 300. Yes, that is what I said, a Chrysler. That is not what you expected is it. Well, as you see he has no problem holding his own in the scene and he even stands above the rest with his 300. When he first got his ride, modding it was only wishful thinking. With having the freedom of being an adult come the bills, debt, and problems that we all don’t think about when we are still living with mommy and daddy. Now that is the truth! I would give anything to use that Deloren from Back to the Future and live with my parents again. Being a grown up sucks. It is fun but honestly it does suck! Cars that are your first priority become second or third in your life when you have rent and food you have to pay for. But, he always told himself that one day would come that he would be able to save the money and make it the car that would be recognized against all others in the stance world and import scene.


How things have changed for Armit! That day came a lot sooner than Grocery Bags thought. He has so much stuff done to this 300 it would probably be a heck of a lot easier for me to name what he doesn’t have done to it. The outside is dressed in a wrapped matte garnet, with an upgraded Srt8 front and rear bumper, upgraded Srt8 HID headlights and yellow fogs and even a Srt8 spoiler. And that is just the beginning…..


His Chrysler sits on 3 piece forged concave, Avant Garde F440 Spec 2 rims that are 21×11 in the front and 21×11.5 in the back. They are lined with the finest 255/30/21 and 295/25/21 Michelin Pilot Sport tires and dropped on UAS Air suspension and those very impressive Koni yellow adjustable shocks.


You think that was it? Think again! Armit didn’t stop there. When he does things, he does them big. Under that hood has an AEM cold air intake, Diablo sport predator tuner, ported throttle body and upgraded 300C exhaust. Lets not forget the interior either that holds a ton of LED lights and a Pistol Grip shifter. That not only sounds sexy, look at that damn thing. It is sexy!!!


Armit still has things he wants to do to his car even though I don’t know how much more stuff we can take. His future plans for this one of a kind Chrysler is to do a 6.1 motor swap with boost and upgrade the interior threads.


So, the moral of this story kids is, being different can be a good thing or a bad thing. But, you don’t really know unless you try and in Grocery Bags case it was a very very good thing. See kids it pays off to work for what you got. It might take some time and effort but with that comes the great satisfaction to say that you have a car that has gone nationwide and you will love every second of the ride!





Modification List:

Exterior: Wrapped Matte Garnet, Upgraded Srt8 Front & Srt8 Rear Bumper, Upgraded Srt8 Hid Headlights & filmed, yellow fogs, Srt8 Trunk Spoiler

Wheels & Tires: Avant Garde F440 Spec 2 (3 piece forged concave), 21×11 front & 21×12.5 rear, Michelin Pilot Sport tires 255/30/21 front 295/25/21

Suspension: UAS Air suspension, Koni Yellows Adjustable Shocks

Engine: Aem Cold Air Intake, Diablo Sport Predator Tuner, Ported Throttle Body, Upgraded 300C Exhaust

Interior: LED lighting, Pistol Grip Shifter

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