Old School Swag // Pedro’s ’91 Civic Wagon


Since the very beginning Hondas were amongst the most popular car in the import scene. Can you guess how many were in the original Fast & Furious? Probably not because, yeah there was just that many. Civics, Preludes, Accords. 4 doors, 2 doors, and the 3 doors. (Hatches people, hatches). You can find them all over Auto trader and Craigslist and they are still going for loads of cash no matter what condition they’re in. The times they are changing though.

(Photos by: Christopher O’neal & Words by: Gina Calhoun)


People no longer see Honda’s as the “IT” car in this import world we love. It seems that they are focusing on Lexus’s and Mazda’s now. I don’t know if it is because that is what this generation likes or if it is because they are just too hard to get your hands on but I will go with the second option.


But, Pedro Vega, aka DJ Wagon Vega seems to be stuck in the past. In 1991 to be exact and there is nothing wrong with that. When you first think of a family vehicle what do you think of? Well, I will tell you what I think of, I think of a mini van. With French-fries on the floor, stains on the seats and paint coming off the front bumper. I know, I know, when I look at things I go to the extreme, don’t I!!!  No offense to anyone that owns one but I don’t care how many kids I have, my boys know momma will never own a mini van.  There are two many options out in the world for you to see my booty driving one of those.


And I personally believe that Mr. Pedro Vega had the same thoughts as me because his love for his 1991 Honda Wagon says it all.  With his wife sitting shot gun and his 3 beautiful girls sitting in the back he is all about the old school wagon. I have to agree with him though. There is something about driving around in a car that is one of the originals in the game. It is the Optimus Prime of the Autobots and for you Twilight lovers the Volturi in the vampire world. The Wagon… in all its glory. The Wagon… with its metal exterior (yes cars were made with metal back in the day).


The wagon.. The king of all kings. The Wagon… Need I say more?

I will say a whole lot more because the stuff that Pedro has done to this ride is crazy. He grabbed it 2 years ago and it was a rust pit. His words not mine. With a little bit or a whole lot of money and some elbow grease Pedro got the car to the status he dreamed it would be.


Lets just start with what this red lady is wearing shall we. She is sporting a civic eg bubble carbon fiber wing, ef hatch mid wing, civic ek fog lights, and a crx front lip with some 16×9 klutch wheels wrapped around some stretched rubber and lets not forget the Skunk2 suspension under that body. OK hold on I need to take a breather. Ok I am ready now….


Under that sleek hood Pedro has a b20 engine with a LS Hydro tranny, blow intake manifold, password jdm cold air intake and he sticker bombed the heck out of the engine bay. I still am trying to gather enough stickers to do my interior and this guy has the whole engine bay, REALLY!!!! I think that is because I am too cheap to buy any of them.


Anyway, lets move along about what’s inside that wagon which is mostly stock but he is gripping on a wood grain steering wheel, and is hugged by some Acura integra front seats.


DJ Wagon Vega has plans to make it all wheel drive and to add a turbo in it. This guy loves his car so much not only does he have his Civic show wagon but also he has another one as his daily driver. I have a word of advice for you though. If you are in Perth Amboy, NJ you better treat his car like you would treat his girls. You can look but don’t even think about touching!!!




Modification List:


B20 engine, Ls hydro tranny, Blox intake manifold & Password jdm cold air intake, Hasport mounts & Skunk2 cam gears


Skunk2 Coilovers w/ KYB struts


Civic Eg bubble carbon fiber top wing, Ef hatch mid wing, Civic Ek fog lights, crx front lip, wired tuck done by Pedro himself & Dticker bombed engine bay


Acura Integra front seats & a Old school wooding steering wheel


klutch wheel’s 16×9 all around with 205/40/16 Kumho stretch tires

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