Team Happy Stance // Evan’s Stanced Miata


Quiet down everyone, I have an announcement to make Oh….and you bet your butt it is a good one. A new member of the Happy Stance family has arrived and he has arrived in something quiet awesome to say the least.

(Photos by Evan Mount & Words by: Gina Calhoun)


See, we all know what it is like to love cars and if we could someway or somehow get into the world that we can make a career out of staring at them all day it would be like finding that golden ticket in Willy Wonka. I get to write about the cars that have inspired you. The cars that you treat sometimes better than your own kids. Ok, that might be a little pushing it but you know it is mostly true. I get to experience your journey and share it with the rest of the world and let me tell you that it is a high that you cannot believe. I don’t need drugs. I got cars, and you. But what would our articles be without the amazing person behind the lens. Nothing, that’s what! I can talk all day long about your rides but it is the pictures that make my words and your journey come to life. So on that note, I would like to welcome Evan Mount to our growing Happy Stance family.


Born and raised in Georgia Evan is not your normal southern boy. He grew up around muscle cars and lifted truck like most of us in the south did but it was just was not his style. I will say, just because we are from the south doesn’t make all of us into lifted trucks and mud boggin. Oh and for that matter please stop asking us why we don’t have southern accents if we are from the south. Not everyone talks like Honey Boo Boo and in my defense I am from Chicago!


Evan just got into the cars scene about 2 years ago and when he makes his mind up about something he dives right in.  Going from not liking cars to having his life consumed by them is huge for just a two-year time frame. We all get it though. It is something new and exciting. Once you get into this world it takes over your life. All you can think about is when the next show is, what is the newest product out and where am I going to get the money for my new wheels I want. You think that once you have your list complete that would be it. But it isn’t. Like I said, cars are like drugs. They are addicting, they make you broke and you shake with adrenaline when you are sitting at a light about to slam on the gas to race someone. I think that is the best feeling ever!!!


But, Evan just wanted to do something different from what everyone in his town was doing. He wanted something that no one around him had. That’s when he realized that a Mazda Miata was perfect for him and then the jokes started. To his friends something that is slammed to the ground was not even heard of. It was like Evan was from a whole another planet. Lowered cars… WHAT???????


Evan has always loved the stance scene but he has also been into the “functional” scene as well. With Miata’s having so many different styles and set ups to choose from he did not know where to start.

Mr. Mount decided what every one of us thinks of first. “What wheels can I get for this thing?” It doesn’t matter what car you drive, that is in your head before you even purchase the car heck before you even sit your butt in the front seat. Your online or buying car magazines to get some ideas flowing in your head. Now keep in mind Evan’s friends still don’t understand his obsession with this scene. Wait and you will see he says!


With a list of modifications that the pretty lady in black has, it is no wonder his friends have shut their pie holes about the Mazda. His first purchase was a set of Raceland coil overs and some 15×8 STR wheels with a +20 offset. Thanks Aaron and Jose for the help with that by the way. Lets not forget about those pretty little 15mm space adapters in the rear and the 20mm adapters in the front that make the Mazda sit with the perfect stance. For you country boys, Evan might not be able to pull you out of the mud but he sure as heck can drive under you without even hitting his OEM hardtop and spoiler on your under carriage and to some girls that is just hot!


The Mazda also, sports a Garage Vary front lip, R package rear lip, and some side skirts. You will be amazed when you see the back of her. Red lens tail lights, and smoked out signals right above the straight pipe exhaust with some welded Jones chrome tips. Just talking about it gets me excited. Hey now!!! With your dirty minds I know what you are thinking. Let’s get back to the car shall we.

The inside of the Miata is nothing to forget either. With the Grip Royal wood grain steering wheel, NRG quick release hub, shift knob extension and a Kenwood unit to cruise around with. This is just the start for Evan and his amazing ride.


Yep, think again if you believe he is done with his Mazda. We are never done. There is always something that we will want. That is the obsession coming back again. I feel for Evan though. Even though I am happy that he is part of the Happy Stance team, he gets to live the cruel world of seeing all of these amazing rides in the world and the wanting and needing will never go away. When I think I’m good. I have to write an article about some Lexus or Honda and get sucked back in. But, as amazing as his pictures are so, is his car. Welcome Evan!!!!! You are now one of us…. One of us….. one of us…….


Mwahahahaha!!!! We do mess up young minds so don’t think about claiming that on the company insurance. I tried it, and doesn’t go anywhere.