Best of Both Worlds // Wen’s 2007 Subaru STI


When you think of a Subaru, you think functionality. Most Subaru’s we see are off roading or rally cars. But a few people out there test the limits of there Subaru’s, and take their’s into the opposite direction. They go the form route and boy do these cars look amazing laying on the ground. Our good friend Wen from Greenville South Carolina, really shows us that Subaru’s don’t have to be rally monsters. Wen started with his 2007 Subaru STi, when he recieved the news that they were expecting a baby. Wen knew he would have to get something a little more practical for a family then his prelude.
(Photos by: Minsi Moua & Words by: Josh O’ferrall)
In the back of his head he already knew the Subaru was the perfect candidate for his family. As soon as Wen got the car it was time to mod, as his first mod he bought Racecomp Tarmac 3 track coilovers. Wen then went for a little performance and bought a Cobb acessport to tube the car. But Wen couldn’t stop there he then bought a K&N Airfilter, and Cobb full exhaust. By far all the best parts you could buy for his Subaru. Wen’s coilovers did satisfy him, but when he saw his friends Bugeye that was bagged it gave him new inspiration.
Wen then began searching for a air ride setup that would fit him. Wen found a company called airlift performance this setup really caught his eye. The setup he purchased was a performance setup meaning he could have form or function. After riding around on his stock rims and his air ride setup, he new it was time for some wheels. But Wen didn’t want just any wheels, like most of us we all want to be original and have that shock factor. Which Wen was going and in my opinion Wen got his setup right.
Wen finally had his eye on a set of Work Ryver’s. Which we all know in the car world these are some rare and Unique wheels very hard to find. The wheels were 18×10.5 +20 really aggressive wheels, Wen wrapped them in 225/40/18 Nittos. The only way to get these wheels to fit with his setup was to run a crazy amount of camber. Which Wen did, running 9.2 in the front and 5.5 in the back. To me this was the perfect amount for this car, when it airs it out this car takes such a mean look especially with the work wheels.
This car is so amazing, super clean with the perfect setup. I’ve never seen a Subaru that really made my draw drop like Wen’s did, literally made me go “Damn”. Wen did good and really has got that shock factor from his car, but like always he isn’t stopping there. Wen plans on making it a 400+whp stanced monster so keep an eye out for this Subaru in the future.