Roxy Girl! // Chris Guerci’s 2011 WRX Limited


When you first think of a Subaru you probably remember watching them on TV and in races off road. They have come a long way since they came out over 12 years ago.  The WRX is one of the most popular cars in the imports scene since they came out and they are not getting any less wanted. But it was in 2011 and on their 3rd generation that they decided to give the WRX a facelift with the STI. This car screams power, speed and an all around badass appearance. There is nothing on this car that would not make you look twice when you see one and it only makes sense that people pick this as their choice for a ride to hook up.

Photos by: Arlen Liverman & Words by: Gina Calhoun


Before Chris Guerci could even drive he wanted a STI but he started off with a 2006 Infiniti G35 instead. Not too bad for your first car and is among one of my favorite cars I have ever owned but this was just a toy and something to learn on. Again, nice car to just “Learn” on but Chris wanted the WRX more than he wanted his own life. So, he purchased the mother of all Subaru’s and got Roxy. Yes, I told you once and I will tell you again we ALL name our beauties. Roxy was purchased with the hopes and dreams of getting a full makeover and Chris got her on April 29th, of 2011 to be exact. Yes! He knows the exact day that he bought her. Some of us know the year, maybe even the month but I doubt many of you know the day. To him that is the day that his future and dreams came true.


Born in Westchester, New York Chris like many of us moved down south. He cruises the streets and probably the beaches of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As Chris said it is the “little things” that happen at shows, meets, and get togethers that make the culture of the car scene truly unique and I cannot agree with him more. His passion for cars is what brought him into this lifestyle and that is just what it is. It is a lifestyle. It is not a little hobby that we do in our spare time. It takes over our lives. It is what we live and breathe for.


When Chris got Roxy he wanted to build something that was functional but also a show car. From under the hood, the look on the outside and the interior I can say that he did a perfect job. Roxy has her fenders rolled so that she can sport some sexy Rota grids with a 18×9.5 .38 offset wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza 235/40/18 tires and some Volk 25mm extended lug nuts. Perrin 25mm front and 22mm back sway bars and end links, with a Perrin strut bar. It is sitting on D2 coils and has camber bolts to make it the clean stance aggressive look Chris was going for.


The exterior has all shaved emblems and trunk to make it have that smooth sleek look. HT auto lip kit and diffuser that you can even fit a dime standing up under if your tried and lets not forget to add some of that Carbon Fiber to the car with its bumper vents and trunk trim. There is OEM rain guards, a Perrin license plate delete, and 12% window tint that you cannot even try to see in but he definitely sees you.


Now lets not forget about the interior that’s dash is wrapped in more carbon fiber. God, do I love carbon fiber. It just does something for me I can’t explain. It has a carbon fiber shift know, Drone worldwide automatic starter and a Kartboy short shifter and bushings. One more thing too, don’t forget about the Knock alarm system that will not allow you to even look at it the wrong way before it goes off. So you better watch out.


Do you think I am done? I should be but nope, we still have to talk about what makes Roxy scream. She is a lover of Perrin products so she had to have some under her hood too. The Perrin intake, pulley cover, catted down pipe and radiator shroud are just some of the Perrin items under this hood. But she does have to share her love with others so lets not forget about the Invidia q300 she has. You think Chris would be done but of course he isn’t. We are never done. He plans on doing a FULL makeover and a full build for the New Year. God only knows what a “Full” makeover is but I can’t wait to find out what Roxy is going to be lookin like.


This culture brings everyone together regardless of who you are or what you drive. It doesn’t matter what age you are what you can afford and what you can’t. We all admire everything everyone does because even though we all may like different things, it is that one thing that brings us together and it is the passion for cars. And from the wise words of Chris himself, ” Whether you modify your car for looks, speed, to drift or drag, like it slammed to the floor with a tight fitment, equipped with a rare kit or prefer an OEM + look, JDM, Euro, VIP, Domestic, Exotic… if you love what you do, we are all equal. We are driven!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I just have one argument I would like to pick with Chris. He said his car might not be the sexiest but it is the cleanest. Well Chris, I hate to burst your bubble but I think all of us would have to agree, Roxy is one sexy ass WRX’s we have ever seen. Keep doing your thing!